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Analysis of the poem "Naming of Parts"

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I read this poem called "Naming of Parts" I am supposed to write a paper on a problematic moment that is in the poem and create two interpretations for that specific moment. I am having problems doing so.

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The analysis of the poem "Naming of Parts" is examined. The expert creates two interpretations for the specific moment.

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Hello there! I have read "Naming of the Parts", and hope that I will be able to help you begin thinking about your essay.
To begin, you may want to think of some of the possible interpretations or themes of the poem. Although your professor has no doubt touched on some of these ideas, you should consider the following ideas:
1. Some critics feel that the poem draws a dichotomy (i.e. distinction) between the forces of life and the forces of death.
2. A parallel theme demonstrated by the poem is that war is contrary to nature.
3. A third interpretation is that Mitchell is contrasting the repetitious boredom of a soldier going through a drill with the opposite idea of simply taking in what is going on around you on a warm summer's day.

So, I hope that considering these ideas can help you to think about how there might be two interpretations for any specific moment in the poem, or the "problematic" moment in the poem you refer to. If your professor has not already identified which moment is problematic, read through the poem carefully once more with the above themes in your mind. Can you see a moment where ...

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