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"The End of Love" by Lorna Crozier

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The End of Love - Lorna Crozier

I can phone him any time, he
though most mornings he's in
the garden.
The days are sunny now, mid-
and there's weeding to be done.
I'm sick
with worry and a thousand
miles away.
He says he's getting better, the
in his eyes is clearing up though
he forgot
his allergey to sulpha. Now he
can see
well enough to week between
the lupines.
When I hang up, not home for
or more, weariness washes over
The way I feel is ilke the end of
when you're the one who's been
and nothing you can say or do
will stop
what's going on. On top of that,
the cat is home from the vet's,
a tube sticking from his
My stoic love with troubled eyes
pushes food into him three
times a day
with a syringe. The cat has
begun to bite.
I've written on a stone and
buried it
in a potato field so I won't think
about them any more. For a
week I have to
find a way to keep on going. At
the end of love
everything around you seems so tender,
so absolute. When the red-
chipping sparrow throws back
his head and sings
outside my window, his whole
trembles inside the song.

Please fill out the dissection chart that is attached below. It just consists of analyzing the literary features, theme, etc.

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When analyzing a poem, start by reading it closely, and try reading it out loud--sometimes the sound of the words helps you understand them more clearly. This is also a good way to recognize some of the literary features you're being asked to identify.

Literary Devices: (see Chart attached) I've identified five of the ten for you, and included hints about how you should think about these devices. I've only given you some things to think over in regards to the effect/purpose, allowing you to come to your own conclusions and use your own words to fill in these sections fully. If you continue to struggle or have questions about any specific examples, let me know and we can go back in and look more closely.

Vocabulary Words: Identify the literal meaning of the poem. So before filling in the chart, I recommend going through the poem line by line and making sure you understand the literal meaning of each word. The word you choose to include in ...

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The question involves getting started analyzing a poem. The answer breaks down the steps of poetry analysis into separate parts, and includes suggestions for identifying the literary devices, the theme, the tone, the structure, and the meaning.