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Lyric poems

Figurative language is a key component of poetry. Three major components of figurative language are images, metaphors, and allusions. Help is givien with writing a lyric poem that focuses on using images, metaphors, and allusions. Each poem should be at least 12 lines long and no longer than 48 lines. The poems may be on any topic.

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As you write your own poem, I suggest to start with brainstorming. One expert suggests to "Make a list of fifteen physical experiences that you've had, such as falling out of a tree, riding a roller coaster, or jumping on a trampoline. Choose one from your list and use images to create a lyric poem about the experience" (by Jay Klokker, from The Practice of Poetry).
If that trick does not work for you, you might use nature, animals, or a photo to inspire you. You might list adjectives and feelings produced by the visual image. Once you write your list, I can help you to frame it if you send to me as a new posting.
Many teachers want you to think of a lyric poem as a ...

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Help with creating a lyric poem is achieved. Samples are included for students to model.