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    Persuasive Writing

    Models and theories in managing prisons

    The effectiveness and practices of criminal justice organizations are continually being challenged by society and the legal system. It is perceived that criminal justice organizations need to follow an optimistic approach toward organizational change and development. You have just been hired as a management consultant for a p

    Writing Resources

    My university provides several types of resources to help students to succeed. Some of these resources include, online Writing Labs or Writing Centers Programs courses, as well as he online Smarthinking writing tutors to address students' writing issues and of course our professors. What other types of supports do you think I

    Gunderson's Energy Production Article: Summary Notes

    Please Summary the article and Discuss the importance of Energy production: http://www.waterworld.com/articles/iww/print/volume-13/issue-5/features/the-growing-interest-in-generating-renewable-energy-from-anaerobic-digestion.html

    Article Response With Multiple Parts

    1) Take a stand in regard to the author's position. First—what is the author's position and do you agree or disagree with his premise? Why or why not? If you agree with the author, what about his argument do you find compelling? Offer supplementary evidence from your own observations or experience that would further support th

    Product Ethics

    SUGGESTED DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: 1) How serious does a risk have to be (how many reports of what kinds of harms must a company know about) in order for it to be ethically appropriate to recall a product? Should Dell have recalled four million batteries at the first whiff of smoke? Should Dell have waited longer? How (and when)

    Source Review

    "Evaluating Web Sources and Identifying the Audience" Please respond to the following: • Identify three (3) Websites that you can use for a research on a paper to convince. When evaluating, think of yourself as an investigative reporter who is checking the claims of a politician who used the sources in his or her proposed bil

    Marketing Research Review Questions: T or F?

    The book I am using for this is, McDaniel, C. & Gates, R. (2011). Marketing Research (Ed 9). 1. "Don't know" and "neutral" mean the same thing in a ratings scale. A. True B. False 2. In the marketing research process, the questionnaire precedes survey objectives and comes after data analysis. A. True B. False 3. Clos

    Argumentative Essay

    I need help writing a 1-2 pg argumentative essay on traditional or distance education.

    Loss of Personal Responsbility

    Please see below the article and write a short paragraph for topic below . Discussing whether you agree or disagree. Please also tell why you would be selected the particular topics Article I: LOSS OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY We have lost the ability to make sensible choices. Instead of holding each other accountable when som

    Persuasive Communication Theories

    Please help understanding this sentence in terms of the persuasive communication theories "According to Burras (2010), " all addictions are a choice, as a way to medicate yourself from not feeling any uncomfortable feelings." I am still some what unsure, from my perspective it sounds the opposing suggestion is based on a social

    Persuasive Speaking

    Specifies the person should use it in their line of work. You may also choose someone who uses it in their personal life, or at home. This opens up a wide array of possibilities so make sure to think about the many ways persuasive speaking in everyday life. Also, when discussing its effectiveness, you must cite two aspect fro

    Persuasive writing - insurance claims and rhetorical writing

    Given the senerio below I have to write 3 persuasive essays. I'm at a loss for words and need help with them. Please and thank you "You are coming home late in the evening and you have an accident with no other cars involved. The insurance company is refusing to pay for damages causing you to pay out of pocket for the

    Persuasive requests and sales messages

    Analyze persuasive requests and sales messages. What traits do persuasive requests and sales messages share in common and how do they differ? Defend your analysis with supporting examples. There is a 200 word minimum response required. Credible reference materials, including your course textbook(s), may be used to compl

    Constructing a Short Persuasive Speech

    Create a six sentence speech using the principles of a good persuasive speech. Use only one sentence for each of the principles. For example: You need to quit smoking. Your health should be important to you. Research links smoking to the development of Emphysema. Consider it for your spouse and children, or other loved

    Persuasive vs Directive Writing

    Module 4 - SLP Persuasive Writing: Getting Controversial Persuasive vs Directive Writing This assignment has 3 parts. The purpose of this assignment is to help you understand the difference between persuasive and directive communication. First, imagine that your company headquarters has initiated a Casual Friday rule at

    Persuasive and logical solution

    Create a persuasive and logical solution to a problem (argument) facing your company. Consider what underlying factors are contributing to the problem. You will also want to use reasoning and critical thinking skills when creating your solution.

    Persuasive business report

    Draft a persuasive business report, on Maternity Leave and claims proving my audience that they should listen to and implement your recommendation. Be sure to also include and respond to counter-arguments as you build your case

    Persuasive Essay

    I am needing to create a persuasive outline and powerpoint presentation on the topic "The dealth penalty as a deterrent". I have posted the guidelines below. The Outline must have the following: Thesis: The thesis is stated at the beginning of the outline. It is a complete sentence and reflects the topic and purpose of t

    Persuasive/Argumentative essay help needed.

    Deliverable Length: 2-4 Paragraphs Details: Your agency team was very impressed with your teams' delivery on the descriptive essay. Your agency team is currently working with the leading brand of household cleaners. They have now asked if you would follow that up with a sample of a persuasive/argumentative essay. This essay

    A model persuasive paper to the editor is given.

    Help is given with a persuasive type paper. This scenario is emphasized: Look in a newspaper (online or live). Find an article on any topic. Write a letter to the editor expressing your view about the article.

    Reader Response is applied.

    This posting offers ideas about the factuality of the writer's argument, the clarity or organization of the writer's argument, or the impact the writing has on you as a reader.

    Persuasive appeal is the focal topic.

    This posting assesses essays based on these questions: 1. Rank them in the order of persuasiveness. Explain why you found them persuasive or not. 2. The title of an essay should have a clear and purposeful relationship to the context of the essay. Which essay had the best title? Explain why, making sure you explain how the t

    Persuasive Speech Outline

    I am writing a persuasive speech to persuade my audience to graduate from college. I am having a little trouble with the outline. Topic : To persuade my audience to graduate from school. Thesis: Having a college education will give enable the student to give back to the community, have a better quality of lfe, and parti