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    "Evaluating Web Sources and Identifying the Audience" Please respond to the following:
    • Identify three (3) Websites that you can use for a research on a paper to convince. When evaluating, think of yourself as an investigative reporter who is checking the claims of a politician who used the sources in his or her proposed bill. Identify the Website and its URL. Evaluate each Website regarding the following:
    o Targeted audience
    o Updating of information
    o Use of professional peer reviews
    o Information's accuracy, relevance, and thoroughness

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    Source credibility is a crucial facet of trusting any position. One has to be able to rely on information, or one will be accepting distorted or false information, which can only lead to more complicated and less effective actions, policies and positions later. As an example, let's say your politician argues for or ...

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    Evaluation of sources according to certain professional criteria is addressed briefly, illustrated by an example.