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Models and theories in managing prisons

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The effectiveness and practices of criminal justice organizations are continually being challenged by society and the legal system. It is perceived that criminal justice organizations need to follow an optimistic approach toward organizational change and development.

You have just been hired as a management consultant for a private prison corporation. The company owns two prisons; both have high rates of employee turnover and very bad reputations. One is a brand new facility, Kurz Manor. Your company built it from scratch and installed a modern management system. The problem is that most of the staff is new to corrections and the discipline in the facility is very loose. Recent escapes from Kurz Manor have resulted in a public outcry that the place should be closed.

The other prison, Longview, has been running as a traditional state prison using policies and procedures that have not been updated for many years. The staff uses a punishment model of control instituted by the warden Big Bob. Longview has very low morale and numerous prison incidents of violence and sexual assaults. Both of the prisons house medium to maximum-security prisoners.

They need changes to be made that will alter the situation in both facilities within the corporation. If significant improvements are not witnessed in two years, the state will probably decide to house their prisoners elsewhere.

1. Analyzed how to increase organizational effectiveness and presented methods to increase the level of trust and support among organizational members from both facilities. Supported with cited sources.
2. Synthesized how to improve the level of job satisfaction in both facilities by listing both methods and tools for implementation of change and recommendations for improvement. Supported with cited sources

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This paper seeks to clarify the best models and theories that help manage a prison effectively. The paper also highlights some of the advantages of these models and theories in relation to the current state of Kurz Manor Prison and Longview Prisons in US. The paper explains the choice of the theory and model and provides recommendations. The paper concludes by highlighting what hinders prisons from providing quality and effective services to the inmates.

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