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    Expressing your opinion

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    Help is given with a persuasive type paper. This scenario is emphasized:

    Look in a newspaper (online or live). Find an article on any topic. Write a letter to the editor expressing your view about the article.

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    Volunteer at animal rescue facility has leg amputated

    My 'letter to the editor'...
    I have been an animal lover all of my life and was thoroughly disheartened by the story on this supposed rescue facility. Clearly, they have had issues with keeping their business operating. "Wesa was open to the public until the Smiths surrendered their exhibitors license to the USDA in late 2003 in the midst of a federal investigation (Wilson, 2008). So, why or how is it possible that they have been allowed to keep as many as 60 animals on their property without that license?

    According to the article, "...as long as they are registered, it is legal to own exotic animals in Missouri" (Wilson, 2008). However, in many municipalities, residents ...

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    Have you ever wanted to let all of the readers of your local newspaper know how you feel about a particular subject? Would you like to share your political views with the world? Have you been asked to write a persuasive paper as a class assignment?

    This solution will tackle the topic of a persuasive paper as I hypothetically express myself to a newspaper editor about a current topic.