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Gifted and Talented Education

Inclusion in Special Education

What is the influence of inclusion of special education students in the calculations of Adequate Yearly Progress required by NCLB for school districts?

Music for talented and gifted students

RESEARCH TOPIC: What are the benefits of using music for talented and gifted students as an instructional tool? create an outline of the procedures or methods of your research design proposal. Include a step-by-step description of research design, the participants, instruments, and what will be done to collect and analyze t

Literature review

please help Research topic : What are the benefits of using music for talented and gifted students as an instructional tool? Summarize and complete a literature review of at least ten (10) scholarly sources that pertain to your research topic. This Literature Review should be a minimum of five pages in length, excluding

Gifted and talented

What are the benefits of using music for talented and gifted students as an instructional tool? Please discuss why you chose the topic and write 3 research question or hypotheses. Discuss the process in which you selected and formed your research questions or hypotheses and the challenges you experienced in writing a research qu

Instructional technology is evaluated.

Please help me develop an assessment plan that will evaluate the use of the instructional technologies you have chosen. I have included some of technology guidelines. Include in your narrative an explanation of what constitutes learning success, failure, and how you will know if your final project meets or exceeds your goals.

Online teaching for special learners

Using ProQuest, research one article on on-line teaching. Post a summary of the article and your reflective thoughts about on-line teaching. How does the information address the needs of special learners? Include in your discussion whether you agree or disagree with the article. Provide a link to the article

Students with special needs

Visit: and read about how these people have overcome their learning obstacles. Select a person with special needs that you find interesting and research the person's special learning need using ProQuest. Choose from the following special needs areas: * Learning disabilities * Ph

Lesson plan analysis: First Grade Fishbowl activity

How are the needs of diverse learners met/not met? I have to prepare a paper on this information. a. Students with specific learning disabilities b. Students with different cultural backgrounds c. Students who have social inequities d. Students whose primary language is not English e.

Developmental - Thematic Curriculum

What is developmental-thematic curriculum? What are the main characteristics of developmental-thematic curriculum? Describe each characteristic. **I need 200+ words please. Also a resource would be appreciated.** Thanks so much.

Education Scenario - Special Education

Sharon Arkell, an experienced special education teacher, finds herself assigned to co-teach with another experienced teacher who refuses to relinquish any control in the classroom. The only suggestion offered to Sharon is "Be patient and don't rock the boat". Sharon Arkell, a special educator, had been teaching in the same comm

Special Education - Annual goals and learning expectations for a gifted student

Brian is a Grade 3 student who is gifted. Intelligence tests have shown that Brian functions at a Grade 6 level in all subjects. He frequently acts out in class because he is not being challenged, and as a result has few friends. Biran also shows a strong interest in reading. Brian lives in a fly-in aboriginal community where t

Learning Disability - Special Education Teacher

Please provides suggestions and ideas on the following task, e.g. what to include in the interview, some general information about the environment that is conducive to learning for students with learning disabilities (LD), etc. Task: Interview a special education teacher about the environment most conducive to the learni