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    Energy and the Environment

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    Keystone Pipeline: Pros and Cons

    Can you please provide me with some background and research information on the Keystone Pipeline and the Ogallala Aquifer. Please provide pros and cons too. If you can also provide me with the names of five or six experts that I can use to analyze the environmental issues associated with the project.

    Non-renewable Energy Resources

    Can science help answer questions about how or if we should be using non-renewable energy resources? To support your answer, select one example (e.g. oil in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge, oil in the Middle East, mountaintop mining in Kentucky) and explain the role of science in the decision-making process.

    Environmental management

    Need help with investigating the biotic and abiotic structure and function of an ecosystem. Need information about the tropical rainforest Where might this type of ecosystem be located? Need one specific example and a description of the structure of the ecosystem: list both the abiotic and biotic components. Describe

    Reviewing Energy Use and Developing an Energy Plan

    Your organization is about to review their energy use and develop an energy plan, including as many renewable power sources as possible. You have been asked to prepare a research paper for management about fossil fuel, nuclear energy, and alternative/green power sources. You will prepare a research paper to discuss the follo

    Contemporary Environmental Issues

    Chapter Six of Contemporary Environmental Issues, the past century has been referred to as the Age of Oil. As we reach a possible peak in oil production, what alternatives are forming? Consider the role of OPEC, perhaps, in reorganizing and monitoring oil production. What do you think is the most viable way to address after eff

    SOLAR ENERGY: Why can't we capture it?

    Explain the following statement: Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is not resource-limited but is technology-limited. Despite the readily available sun's energy and potential advantages of direct solar heating, trapping the sun's energy using current technology is often inefficient. Why?

    Alternative fuel vehicle

    Explain each of the following types of alternative-fuel vehicles currently under development: -electric -natural gas -hydrogen -fuel cell -water -explain 1 type of alternative-fuel vehicle, and discuss the following: -economic advantages and disadvantages. -why your selection is better than the other choices.

    Energy consumption and population growth

    Your organization is about to review its energy use and then develop an energy plan, including as many green power sources as possible. You have been asked to provide a presentation to a management meeting on fossil fuel, nuclear energy, and alternative/green power sources. Create a PowerPoint presentation (including speaker

    Renewable v/s Nonrenewable Energy

    In terms of energy, what is the difference between nonrenewable energy and renewable energy? Which source of energy will become the most significant in 50 years from now? Explain your answer. What do you think has to happen in order to make your choice a reality in 50 years?

    Energy Resource Challenges - Alternative Energy

    View the Alternative Energy VLR located under the Week Eight Materials section of your student web page. o Describe all of the renewable energy alternatives presented in the video. o What are some challenges with using and managing these alternative, renewable energy resources? o Name at least one other renewable energy res

    Which of the following is the largest?

    1. Which of the following is the largest? a. ecological footprint of a single individual in U.S. b. ecological footprint of 2 individuals in Mexico c. ecological footprint of 4 individuals in Nigeria d. ecological footprint of 6 individuals in Thailand e. ecological footprint of 8 individuals in India 2. You are given a

    Biofuels : Ethanol and Cellulose - A short Essay

    Write a short article (300 words or so) explaining to another student why biofuels were developed, and why there is a drive towards the use of ethanol as a petroleum (gasoline) substitute and why some American scientists argue that there should be a move away from producing ethanol from corn, towards producing it from cellulose.

    Is there an energy shortage?

    Is there a shortage of energy? What types? Do we have an energy crisis? Should sustainable based fuel systems be subsidized? How? How is the traditional fossil fuel based system subsidized? What are the hidden costs of continuing to rely on fossil fuel energy?

    alternative energy source for automobiles

    Identify and explain one type of alternative energy source for automobiles. Be sure and indicate where this technology is at in terms of being a viable alternative to fossil fuels. Do not use ethanol or solar energy.

    Coal Burning

    We generally think of sulfur emissions and acid rain when we think of coal-burning power plants. However, several other environmental problems are associated with coal burning. Could someone help me describe three of them.

    A coal-fired power plant produces a net electrical output of 500 MW.

    3. A coal-fired power plant produces a net electrical output of 500 MW. The composition of the coal burned is C = 72%, H = 5%, S = 2%, O = 8%, N = 1%, and ash = 12% by weight. Its higher heating value (HV) is 30,940 kJ/kg. The net thermal efficiency is 33 percent. a) How much coal (in metric tons) does this plant consume in one

    Problems with Coal as an Energy Source

    What are some of the environmental issues that surrounds the use coal? What are the nonliving and living factors that contribute to or are affected by the problem?

    Energy Consumption

    We all use energy every day to power our homes, for transportation, or other uses. How do you use energy in your daily life? Keep track of and assess your energy use for 3 days this week. Then, post to the DB a summary of how you used energy over these three days. What were the end uses of the energy (transportation or

    Fuel Cells & Alternative Fuel Vehicles

    Hybrid Cars using Fuel Cells for their energy source 1. Would you consider buying one of these in the future? Why or Why Not? 2. Why do you think there are not more of these vehicles in use? I have all of the information on these cars but would like another opinion on these two questions please. Include any refe

    Nuclear Energy: Advantages & Disadvantages

    1. What are the advantages and disadvantages to nuclear power?.... References included. (See Posting 132465 for more details on the question and an alternate Solution.)

    Environmental impact due to oil rigs

    1. ARTIFICIAL REEFS For nearly 30 years, offshore oil platforms have been present off the coast of California. During that period of time, marine life has spread extensively on and around the oil platform structures, as if the platforms themselves are a part of the marine environment. The adapting marine life around oil pla

    Peak Oil Theory

    1) Research on the Web for articles supporting and refuting the idea of Peak Oil. 2) In a short paper, summarize some of the main points from both sides of this debate. 3) Given your research, take and defend a position in the debate. Provide persuasive arguments supporting your position.

    Environmental Issues

    1) What renewable energy sources and strategies do you think our society should focus on investing in? Give reasons to support to support. 2) Imagine that there is a hydroelectric dam near where you live. Consider what economic benefits and environmental impacts it has in your area. Given this mixture of effects, would you fa

    Natural resources for absolute human survival

    As the global population increases so does the demand for resources. List five resources you believe are needed for survival and discuss why they are needed for survival. If these resources become limited it may have an effect on the individual, community or population level. Discuss 3 consequences (1 at each level-individual

    Impacts on Environment & Ecosystem

    >Discuss 6 ways you as an individual affects the environment/ecosystem you live in both positive (3) and negatively (3). >Our energy needs 1. Do we have enough energy supplies for everybody in the world? 2. What is the future most likely going to be like: more use of fossil fuels or alternative sources? 3. Should the gov

    Nuclear Power Pros and Cons

    Please help with the following problem. I'm working on a paper that covers the current debate surrounding nuclear power (pros and cons) Can you refer me to any articles that I might use in my research? It would be great if there was a current debate regarding building a new power plant or once again using a specific plant


    There are many automobile industries exploring different types of energy supplies other than gasoline. Conduct some research on these alternative fuel sources for automobiles. Discuss 3 alternatives to gasoline for automobiles. Give some detailed background information on one automobile model that uses an alternative fuel source