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    Auto Fuel Alternatives

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    There are many automobile industries exploring different types of energy supplies other than gasoline. Conduct some research on these alternative fuel sources for automobiles. Discuss 3 alternatives to gasoline for automobiles. Give some detailed background information on one automobile model that uses an alternative fuel source and answer the following questions:

    1. Would you consider buying one of these in the future? Why or Why Not?

    2. Why do you think there are not more of these vehicles in use?

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    Discuss 3 alternatives to gasoline

    We have a couple ways to go here. First there are combustion fuels of various sorts. In other words, technology very similar to the "regular" gas-guzzler.
    CNG, biodiesel, LPG, Hydrogen, alcohols, vegetable oils

    For full discussions on fuels of various sorts and their automotive potential see: (US Dept of Energy alternative fuels site)

    Tag any one and you should have more than enough to explore this aspect.

    some cons: CNG, LPG, Hydrogen - gasses are hard to store and handle. Hydrogen especially so (can we spell Hindenberg)? Also, the lighter a fuel's molecular weight (by and large) the lower its energy density. Plus, it takes energy to get hydrogen, thereby lowering its net efficiency even further. Less bang for the buck as it were. Even alcohol is a lower energy/mass that fossil fuels (as it is partially oxidized already). Vegetable oils get rather viscous in the cold, and as people catch onto the "free grease" wagon, less will be available that way which leaves a diversion of food supply oils towards the tank (as oil, or as biodiesel - a chemically converted vegetable oil.) We are already seeing this trend in diversion of corn to alcohol production.These will ...

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    addresses the fuel crisis from the perspective of alternatives ranging from simple alternative fuel types, to alternatives to combustion fuels. Hyperlinks in attachment for easy access of info.