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    New Energy Sources and Efficient Use of Energy

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    What is the scientific communities way of Fueling the World using alternative energy?

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    In my perspective it lies mainly in two domains: The first of which applies as much to "standard" energy generation as it does alternatives.

    The first approach would be efficiency. This engenders primarily conservation - or the efficient use of energy (CF bulbs, massively insulated homes, tankless HW heaters, "energy star" rated everything), but also efficiency with respect to production. Much of our domestic energy production is wasted through inefficient use, or due to transmission losses and/or production inefficiency. Waste heat from nearly any industrial system has the potential to be harvested for electrical cogeneration. Waste gases from oil wells should never be "flared" off, but should be used (granted it must often be processed, but still...) Non-recyclable biomass/papers. etc. should be used for electrical production and never, ever landfilled. Note too, that any ...

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    Discusses potential sources of energy in the future and the paradigm of energy use in general.