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    Energy choices and consumption in the future

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    In terms of energy, what is the difference between nonrenewable energy and renewable energy? Which source of energy will become the most significant in 50 years from now? Explain your answer. What do you think has to happen in order to make your choice a reality in 50 years?

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    In a base-level sense....not much difference. That is, energy is the ability to do work / move mass. Both have that capacity. Non-renewable (fossil fuels [FF] of all sorts and nuclear) however tend to be more energy dense. That is, they have more energy per unit mass. Plus, much of it (the fossil fuels) are chemical potential energy, and both it and nuclear energy present as an intermediate form - heat. Basically we use heat (either via turbines, or explosions in pistons) to create rotational kinetic energy [KE] . from this we then use it for locomotion, or transform it to electrical energy to do other tasks.

    Most forms of renewable energy are already kinetic in nature. Tides, currents, wind, hydro - all KE in nature (albeit somewhat diverse in source.) Build a series of mechanicals to transform this into rotational KE and you've got ...

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    A discourse on the comparison of potentials that traditional (fossil fuels / nuclear) versus alternative energy sources 50 years in the future.