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Operating Systems

Software Architecture Benefits of Use

The traditional software development process changes profoundly when software architecture is its technical foundation. Consider issues such as the experience needed to successfully exploit an architecture, productivity gains, potential to overlook novel solutions, advantages for evolving product families, and architectural degr

Hardware, Software and Staff-Training

As was stated before, the company X is going to expand its information system. To do this, it is going to select and purchase new hardware and software and retrain employees. The problem-solving team has been established and has specified hardware, software and staff-training needs. Let us now presume that the new organizational

Affiliate Programs and How They Work

More companies are using affiliate programs to drive traffic to their Web sites. In a 2-3 page paper, describe what an affiliate program is and how it works. In your paper, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using an affiliate program and give at least three examples of successful affiliate programs.

Organizational Security

Describe the security monitoring activities that should be conducted in an organization with both internal IT (payroll, human resources, inventory, general ledger, etc.) and eCommerce (internet sales and marketing) applications. The paper will include the rationale supporting each monitoring activity you propose and any recomme

Opening a file: Automatic or Traditional Method

Some systems automatically open a file when it is referenced for the first time and close the file when the job terminates. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this scheme compared with the more traditional one, where the user has to open and close the file explicitly.

Firewalls and Border Security

Why is it important for a company to have firewalls and border security in place? I know that a firewall is to stop intruders from entering your network but when I read on it seems border security is very similar. I really don't understand the true reason why a company should have both in place. What is the difference from a

Introduction to Operating System Interfaces

Would you help me to get started on the following assignment? You are getting more and more of your home computing environment figured out, and now you will take a bigger step toward the goal of telecommuting. During the course of your work, you will be sharing files with many of your coworkers. For this project, you will co

Introduction: Operating System Interfaces

Would you be able to help me with the following assignment? Pick one of the programs that comes with Vista in which you think your classmates would be interested. What does the program do? How do you use the program? Suggested programs of interest would be those found in the Accessories or Control Panel.

Introduction to Computer Operating System - Interfaces

Can you help me with this assignment: You have a good start on setting up your home computing environment, and you are ready for the next step. Almost all businesses use the Internet for many activities, and remote workers must communicate with their coworkers effectively. One method of good communication is instant messaging

Professional Issues in Computing

Would you help me to get started with the following assignment? One of the challenges in dealing with cybercrime is the collection of forensic evidence. In this assignment, you will address this challenge by looking at the process of gathering forensic evidence. In preparing your paper, please make sure you answer the fol

Professional Issues in Computing: Ethical Hacking

"White Hat Cracking" involves security testing by arrangement. "Grey Hat Cracking" seeks to identify insecure systems and inform administrators/users of vulnerabilities. "Black Hat Cracking" involves accessing systems. Counterattacks on phishing servers, spam sources, and malware distributors are held up as "ethical cr

Capabilities of computing made possible or enhanced by computing technology

The creation and use of computing technology enables new capabilities. For example, information and decision rules can be captured and copied more easily; individuals can be monitored, tracked, and evaluated at increasingly short intervals and at finer levels of detail. Thus, new computing capabilities strain our current norms,

Components of network management software

Briefly describe the network management software components and explain the elements and capabilities of a fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security server. Please provide something more than the normal out of the book definition, with source information where I can do additional research.

Activities Information Collected During a Day and Privacy

Consider a typical day in your life and list all the instances when your activities get recorded (e.g. cellphone records, e-mail logs). What information is being collected about you that infringes on your privacy? Write about your interactions with the systems and express both the positive and negative effects on you.

Computer Forensics: Research five computer forensics tools.

Using the Library and other internet resources, research five computer forensics tools. For each tool, list the vendor and its functions. Provide screen-shots that shows how three of the tools display forensics evidence that are being analyzed. Compare the forensics functions of three of these tools. At least five functions shou

Usefulness of given UNIX commands to forensic investigators

1. Explain in layman terms the following UNIX commands. For each command, point out its usefulness to forensic investigators. finger showmount mount echo rlogin whoami rsh rpcinfo ypwhich tcpmap telnet 2. What does the term "pipe" mean in UNIX? Give 3 examples to illustrate your answer.

Is it wrong to use neighbor's wireless network to get free Internet access?

Millions of American homes are equipped with wireless networks. If the network is not made secure, any nearby computer with a wireless card can use the network. The range of home wireless networks often extends into neighboring homes, particularly in apartment complexes. If your neighbor's wireless network extends into your home

Responsibilities of the database administrator

What are the responsibilities of the database administrator (DBA)? Could you outline the tasks that he/she has to perform, and what could be the consequences if these matters are not handled?

Define and give examples of the Network Management Systems.

Please answer the following problem in at least 200 words. Define and give examples of the Network Management Systems (NMS). In most industries it is very important to know all the issues. Define and give examples of what it means to have critical network management skills.

Installing a Wireless LAN Network in an Organization

Discuss reasons that might make it favorable or unfavorable to install a Wireless LAN network in an organization over a traditional wired network. Search the Internet or AIU Library to find one example such as a university or museum or any other organization and their rationale behind such a decision.

Wired vs. Wireless LANs Issues

Your local hospital has decided to extend their offices to another section of the building where it is difficult to have cables installed, and you have been selected as the consultant to handle the related wired vs. wireless issues. You have been tasked with researching and presenting the advantages and disadvantages of both wir

Risks with the project in testing phase

I have a project that deals with multiple systems: SQL server, hosting company, fourth shift server, RBP server. Below, I have listed a list of risks with the project. Please take a look and let me know any other risk or something that I can add to the risk items. The risk is part of the testing phase of the project. I. Risk

Signed number representations

Using a "word" of 15 bits, list all of the possible signed binary numbers and their decimal equivalents in following representations. a. Signed magnitude b. One's complement c. Two's complement

Benefits of DNS & Issues in Configuring or Maintaining DNS

Some time has passed and Jan and Kim have decided that they need to create an Intranet. They intend to implement a Web server for internal use. They realize that they need to implement at least one DNS server. Explain the benefits of using DNS. Also explain to them how DNS is used on the Internet as they are also considering