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    Internal IT and eCommerce Security Monitoring

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    Describe the security monitoring activities that should be conducted in an organization with both internal IT (payroll, human resources, inventory, general ledger, etc.) and eCommerce (internet sales and marketing) applications. The paper will include the rationale supporting each monitoring activity you propose and any recommended course of action to be taken when a significant risk is identified.

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    Organizational Security

    First, let's look at what organizational security really is:
    What is Organizational Security? Security within an organization has multiple dimensions and is diverse. In the business framework, this security encompasses a system of financial control so that the functioning of the various agencies of the organization may be improved, duplications of work by different departments and employees may be eliminated, customer service may be improved, and financial information can remain secure. Countermeasures are needed to reduce vulnerabilities in all organizations. Here we will look at internal IT and eCommerce in terms of organizational security separately.

    Internal IT:
    What is internal IT? Information Technology or IT mainly deals with computer applications. The common work environment today is totally dependent on computers. "These include storage and protection of content, processing and transmitting of dedicated information and the secured retrieval of information, when and as required. IT promotes computing technology, covering everything from installing applications to developing databases" (Buzzle.com, 2010).

    Why should it be secured? The use of information technology (IT) affects the fundamental manner in which transactions are initiated, recorded, processed, and reported. This computerized information system uses automated procedures to initiate record, process and report transactions and are therefore vulnerable to potential threats. The benefits if IT security can be listed as:
    ?Add value to an organization's internal control
    ?Risk management
    ?Assurance to all stakeholders involved
    ?Effective and efficient organizational operations
    ?Promotes the organization's reliability and integrity
    ?Safeguarding of the organization's assets
    ?Compliance with state and federal laws, contracts and regulations

    Security monitoring activities for Internal IT
    ?Information security roles and responsibilities - "Assign roles and responsibilities, as needed, to address administrative tasks defined in the procedures. Ensure that there is an adequate ...

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    The solution deals with two types of organizational security - internal IT and eCommerce. It lists the reasons why they should be secured and the activities organizations can take to mitigate the identified risks. The two forms of securities are looked at seperatetly. Five references are included formated in APA styling.