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    Operating Systems

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    New applications making a big difference

    Applications are the programs that make our computers powerful. Not counting Microsoft Office, what are some of the new applications that you see making a big difference to computer users in the next few years? Do you see "portable" applications on Cell Phones, PDAs, etc, taking over?

    Proof that big-O relationship is transitive

    Prove that the big-O relationship is transitive (give a direct proof). That is, if f(n), g(n) and h(n) are positive-valued functions: if f(n) is O;(g(n)) and g(n) is O;(h(n)) then f (n) is O;(h(n))

    Integration of Networks

    Can you assist with these two questions in at least 150 words each? What type of issues do you think businesses will face with integration of cellular and wi-fi networks for mobile business users? What is the integration of VOIP and WLAN. What are some of issues that need to be overcome, and what security issues needs to

    Request Handling Order for Operating Systems

    The following four requests could come in to an operating system as it is running on a computer system: 1. The clock in the computer has just "ticked", and we need to update a seconds counter. 2. The program running on processor 2 is trying to perform an illegal operation code. 3. Someone pulled the plug on the power suppl

    Network Concept

    Listed are 4 reasons as to why commoditization of network services is a possibility: Making it up in volume Buyer Literacy Selling "Services" Vendor Directions Can you explain each.

    Is Operating System the Net Itself?

    Discuss the statement: "Global communication has developed to such a degree that the true operating system is the net itself, where the individual operating systems are just its nodes". Do you agree? What if the operating systems are heterogeneous (not the same brand)? How is such a "super operating system" managed? If you agree

    Choice of Operating Systems

    Do you think that the choice of Operating System makes a large difference when it comes to a specific purpose? For example, how could choosing an OS for a web server be different than an OS for a multimedia PC?

    Security Engineering Password Protocol

    An increasingly common mechanism is to ask for several pieces of security information rather than one. A call center might ask not just for your mother's maiden name, a password, and the amount of your last purchase, but also your dog's nickname and your favorite color. Such schemes need careful evaluation of their usability and

    Windows and X WIndows

    Identify the similarities to Windows and X Windows. Include: Advantages to both, disadvantages to both and which one you prefer and why.

    The SS7 network is used in the North America

    Can you please help me with the following study question. Thanks 1. The SS7 network is used in the North America (i.e. USA and Canada). How about in European countries? Are they also using the SS7 network?

    Explain to your team the differences between routers and switches.

    Scenario: You are currently working for Surebank, a mid-size financial institution. The organization has approximately 80 people working in their main location where your office is located. The bank also has two branch locations. You have been very successful in your career as a Network Operation Specialist, serving at the

    Operating System Trends

    In recent computer trend sources, it has been discussed that operating systems are likely to become more user-friendly, voice-driven, stable, and even will repair themselves when needed. How likely do you think this will become reality within the next decade? How will this impact the the commercial market?

    Hello World using C Compiler

    Write a C program that displays a title, "Hello World." Insert comments in the program to document the program internally. Attach a design flow chart (in MS Word, not Visio). Create the source code, flowchart, a quality control sheet, and the version control sheet.

    SOA and Web Services

    Need assistance with the attached problem. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the SOA/Web services approaches for an IT operating environment. Benefits Drawbacks Include a 2 page description of integrated web services.

    What are the computer system types?

    Computer Systems i) Using a MS Word 2003 memo template, create a succinct memo that answers the following questions: (1) What are the computer system types? (2) How do these systems differ? (3) What type of computer would you recommend for broad deployment in a university lab setting?

    Why doesn't Microsoft correct bugs?

    Hi, I need assistance in the following problem. The following bugs in Microsoft Word were discovered by Whittaker in 2001: a. Launch WORD b. Go to: Insert-> Reference->Index and Tables c. Change "Column" field to 5 d. When we click OK, the wrong message appears twice We have also discussed a few other bugs in Micros