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Operating Systems

Spyware and Adware

Explain the effects of spyware and adware. How has spyware and adware impacted the public's confidence in the security of internet? How can an individual protect their computer against spyware and adware?

Catching Exception Using Class Exception - Java

Write a program that demonstrates how various exceptions are caught with catch (Exception exception) This time, define classes ExceptionA (which inherits from class Exception) and ExceptionB (which inherits from class ExceptionA). In your program, create try blocks that throw exceptions of types ExceptionA, ExceptionB, Nul

VPN Threats to Perimeter Security

1- Early on we learned how routers and firewalls and IDSs inspect inbound and outbound traffic and how we use those features to our advantage in securing the network. Now, Virtual Private Networks encrypt all traffic and make it impossible to inspect what's coming and going. What can we do to assure that legitimate traffic flo

Create a HIPO Chart, Flowchart, Decision Table, and Pseudocode for the program.

Now that you have a program design and a chosen programming language for your project, you can begin looking at the logical flow of the processes within your program and the data that is input, modified, and/or output. You have seen graphical tools used to represent these processes such as flowcharts, HIPO charts, and Decisi

Passwords Problem

This case is about Passwords Problems: We all know about the problems with people and passwords and how technology can mitigate some of them. What kinds of problems do you suppose implementing these technologies for people might cause? How well can password alternatives bridge the gap between people and technology while rem

IT Architecture Basic Questions

1. Name two advantages of Stateful Inspection Packet Filtering Routers. 2. Name two advantages that firewalls add to a network 3. Name two advantages of the Dual Homed Bastion Host firewall architecture 4. Name two advantages of the Screened Subnet or DMZ Firewall architecture 5. You just discovered a knowledgeable


1 - Can you think of situations that call for multiple firewalls on the same network or same network segment? Why might you firewall off two or more connections into a subnetwork? In the #2 please give your own opinion if you agree or disagree and why. Like discussion. 2 - Yes there will be cases where we need multiples f

Technology Management

1. Name some examples of enablers and inhibitors to strategic alignment. Explain. 2. Are there IT processes that span more than one layer(i.e. strategic, tactical, operational)? If so, identify them. If not, explain why not. 3. Some of the better-known security issues are: 1. Unauthorized access to systems 2. Unaut

Windows XP Hard Drive Maintenence

A hard drive must be maintained to be used most efficiently. This maintenance includes deleting old files, defragmenting a drive so that it does not waste space, as well as, from time to time, finding and attempting to correct disk failures. Using the Internet, and Windows XP Help and Support, research what maintenance shoul

Describe the security mechanisms related to server-side software

Search the Internet to find server-side software that is required to be installed on the hospital's servers to support access by your local hospital doctors to patients' information using their cellular phones or PDAs. Describe the benefits of server-side software and how it provides mobile users with access to certain types of


Today we have a big problem with advertising companies which are making profiles of people by collecting their information. With IPv6, this task would be much easier because if they found the user's identity of a specific IP address, then they would use the IP address to collect the information easier. Imagine if they know the I

Linux, Novell, Mac, MS

§ Do you agree or disagree that the Linux-Novel partnership now presents a viable alternative to Microsoft® in the business world. Why or why not? § Linux is continuing to make inroads into the business world. Will this trend continue in the future? Why or why not? § Because there are alternati

Data Warehousing

You are implementing a data warehouse project for a client and need to evaluate the various tools available for extracting, transforming, and loading data into the data warehouse from various sources. Problem: - For your client in this case, select a company that is familiar to you. Briefly describe the company and how it

Software package you know well such as Windows 2000

1. Based on your personal experience, what steps would you add to the check list? What steps would you leave out? If you have access to a machine-readable version of the check list you selected make the modifications you recommend. Site preparation ? Location ? Ergonomic concerns ? Power requirements ? Telephone and netwo

Airlines employee management-analysis and design model

I require assistance in producing an analysis model & design model for the system through use case diagrams and document template as attached. The employee management system deals with all aspects of managing employees. This includes pay, benefits, work history and security. Employees are paid on a weekly basis. Payment is

Operating systems Function

What is one of the functions that an operating system provides to make a computer run. Explain why that is an important feature and what an OS needs to be aware of to provide that service.

2 part problem

1. My C code cant compile and i cant see the problem can u fix it? 2. write a c code or Modify the code to ask user to input 5 gpas. then the program calculates the average of the gpa and prints it to screen. i.e(The average of all Gpas you entered is 3.87). this code should also check gor negative inputes ie( if user input

IT Management

You have been asked to join with several other IT professionals for an hour on the local cable channel, discussing some of the current trends in information management, focusing your discussion on the issues in small business. The program director asks that you also discuss the impact that following or ignoring a trend could hav

pairs of scheduling criteria

Discuss how the following pairs of scheduling criteria conflict in certain settings: a) CPU utilization and response time b) average turnaround time and maximum waiting time c) I/O device utilization and CPU utilization.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Hello, I am trying to address the following questions below. I need some help. Below are the questions: 1. Knowledge of microcomputer hardware, software, LAN operating systems, and LAN/WAN-based application hardware. 2. Knowledge of computer languages, utilities, machines, and access methods. 3. Ability to plan and exe

Encryption (RSA)

Please help with the following problem. Suppose Fred sees your RSA signaure on m1 and m2, (i.e., he sees (md1 mod n) and (md2 mod n). How does he compute the signature on each of mj1 mod n (for positive integer j), m−1 1 mod n, m1 × m2 mod n, and in general mj1 × mk2 mod n (for arbitrary j and k)?


Why is it important to understand the different layers of the OCI model when working on network security? What is the relationship between the OSI model and the TCP/IP Protocol.


While there are difficult security concerns in any isolated computing environment, the addition of a network between geographically distributed facilities and the opening of a network to the outside world via the Internet greatly complicate all aspects of the security function. Host a discussion with the IT director and staff an


You've been asked by the Training Manager to present a "lunch and learn" seminar on an area within your field of expertise. You choose cryptography. Research the concepts of cryptography as it is used in the business world to protect confidential data from unauthorized access and disclosure. You should include in your investi


Describe briefly the different types of POPs. What role do POPs play in terms of security issues?

Security Policies and Procedures

Which is more in line with your thinking: Security policies and procedures should be designed at a point in time and then enforced without modification to prevent arbitrary compromising of any element of the complete security architecture. ----------OR--------- Security policies and procedures need constant review

A Discussion on Network Security

VaryNet Inc. wants to create four separate offices across the globe. They want to be able to connect these offices over the internet, and they want to make sure that each network is available to each other, i.e., they want the routing information of all four networks to be available at each site, so that any employee can go to a