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    Operating Systems

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    Twisted pair cabling to support a transmission system

    A transmission system operates at 16 MHz. The power output is 1 W and .1 Watt is required at the receiver. The receiver is located 100 meters from the transmitter. What types of twisted pair cabling can be used to support this transmission system?

    Operating system

    1. What is the rang of usable IP addresses for the following IP subnet? What is the bradcast address for the subnet? 2. For the following IP routing protocols: spwlol out their acronym as distance-vector or link-state routing protocol,and as classful or classless routing protocol. OSPF EIGRP RIPV2 ISIS

    Security Measures of a Toy Company

    Six months ago a toy company began to sell their products on the internet. Over this time period traffic to the website has increased substantially but few customers have made online purchases. The company decided to survey their customers to identify the reasons for the lack of online purchases. The results of the survey found

    Runtime order to minimize average response time

    Given five jobs in the ready to run state waiting to be scheduled, with the following run times: 19, 16, 13, 15, & X. Determine the runtime order of the jobs such that it minimizes average response time.

    Multitasking Scheduling

    Consider a particular system that does not have an interrupting clock. The only way a process can lose the processor is to voluntarily surrender it. Additionally, the operating system does not support a dispatcher. a) How can a group of user processes control dispatching? b) What advantages exist in this scheme?

    Operating Systems: Telecommunications

    1. How has the telephone service changed over the last 60 years? How has regulation of the telecommunications industry changed and what are some of the outcomes of that change? 2. What are the convergent technology trends in telecommunications? I need an example of some that have been involved with VoIP or IP Telephony?

    Differences in Operating Systems

    What are the fundamental differences between Windows? Mac OS, UNIX, and Linux operating systems for personal computers? What unique characteristics do mainframe operating systems have?

    What will be your plan to enhance your network security?

    Assume that you are the network security officer of one company, what will be your plan to enhance your network security (firewall? VPN? Content level protection? Or combination of them?) More details about your security infrastructure design will be welcome. * 500 minimum words with citing and referencing.

    Ethernet or Token Ring

    Consider the following scenarios: 1. Saguaro Federal has mainframes for all of its banks and businesses. Should the company use the Ethernet or Token Ring protocol? Explain your choice. Why is this choice appropriate? 2. XYZ Technology Consultants has offices on the second, third, and fourth floors of the office building it oc

    E-Business Launch

    List the steps and sub steps needed to start an e-business. Assume the Idea (company's new product and services) is already approved and the viability is already established through e-business plan. Please list the sequence of steps and sub steps that are needed to launch e-business.

    Organizational Weight of Shared Data

    How does an organization weigh the need to share data to the maximum extent to fully utilize this resource (data) for productivity across an organization (by insuring that the needed data is available to the users) with the opposing need to protect this data (from corruption and theft) that typically means controlling access to

    The Software Development Life Cycle and Project Management

    1. What are some of the disadvantages to living in an Information Age? 2. Today more and more people rely on computers to create, store, and manage critical information. Thus, it is important that computers and the data they store are accessible and available when needed and also that the systems work in the manner they are d

    Computer Programming - Grading Program

    I need some help with writing a program. Your program should output a title similar to "Welcome to Ken's Grading Program", using your own name of course. Your program should prompt the user if they will be entering numbers or letters for grades. See example below. If the user enters 'numbers': Get input for the gr

    Calculating Distance for Algorithms

    You will calculate the total distance that a disk arm moves to satisfy pending requests, for different disk scheduling algorithms. Steps 1. Suppose that a disk drive has 5,000 cylinders, numbered 0 to 4,999. The drive is currently serving a request at cylinder 143, and the previous request was at cylinder 125. The queue of

    Information Security Policies / Contingency Planning

    This solution provides the learner with an understanding of management's role in the development and enforcement of information security policies, standards, practices, procedures and guidelines. In particular, the solution describes how an organization institutionalizes policies, standards, and practices using education, traini

    Restrictions and Effects of Bell-LaPadula Model

    (HW1) What is the effect of reading up and writing down restrictions imposed by the Bell-LaPadula model? And what is the effect of reading down and writing up restrictions imposed by the Biba model? (HW2) Choose one of your favourite operating systems (e.g. Windows 2000/XP/Vista or UNIX) and compare its security policy wi

    Using UNIX for a Payroll

    Develop and run a shell script to input number of hours worked and pay rate and calculate the total pay, then the social security amount (assume 5%), then the net pay. Do this as a loop until the number of hours worked is zero.

    Computer Crime - Virus Defense

    I need to research 2 different specific viruses (e.g., the iloveyou virus) and describe the following: a. How can an individual machine get infected with the virus you are researching and how does it spread to other machines? b. What damage might the virus do? c. Give the complete web addresses of where you found this inf

    Criminals Using Today's Technology to Steal Identities

    I need information on criminals using todays technology (computers) to steal identities. Criminals Using Today's Technology to Steal Identities I. Introduction II. Understanding the Concept of Identity Theft A. Types of Information Used in Identity Theft B. Typical Victims of Identity Theft C. The Magnitude of the Dama

    Overview of Physical Security

    What is physical security? What are the primary threats to physical security? How are they manifested in attacks against the organization?

    ISO 27001's value in managing security and risk

    Describe ISO 27001's value in managing security and risk. What are the advantages and/or disadvantages for obtaining ISO 27001 certification? Why security is not either physical or information based; it is a combination of both?

    Under Pressure: Issues Challenging Every CIO

    The 2005 article "Under Pressure: Issues Challenging Every CIO" Refers to Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. What is the purpose of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and which businesses are impacted by it? What business events was this Act in response to by Congress? Do you think this will help or hurt the business environment?

    Operating Systems in the Business World

    Go back 15 years from today to discover what operating system advances were taking place. Describe how these advances were revolutionizing the business world. Compare these advances to the ones we are experiencing today. Use the Library and other Internet sources to find historical information. Please include references.

    Thoughts on Internet access setup

    Choice Hotels International wants to set up Internet access for their customers... they are thinking about all options including wireless, hard wired LAN; a fiber connection to their ISP and possibly a sat link. They are also discussing security, backup plans for failures, and trying to identify the unknown unknowns and develop

    Customizing your Work Environment

    Scavenger Hunt You have learned a great deal of important information about the Windows operating system so far. However, we have not even scratched the surface of the capabilities of Windows XP. This scavenger hunt is designed to let you explore many of the features of Windows XP and discover many of the other tools which ha