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Operating Systems

LexisNexis gains public trust through disclousure

What security hole was exploited by criminal hackers to illegally access LexisNexis network , what technique was employed/ How did they turn a bad situatin into an opportunity to improve its reputation? was LexisNexis at fault?

In "Microsoft Begins Its Radical Shift to Software as a Service"

In "Microsoft Begins Its Radical Shift to Software as a Service" (Orr, 2008), the author discusses Microsoft's new software delivery model. How will this model affect the way software is designed, built, and maintained? What special end-user considerations are there? Programming In "Microsoft Begins Its Radical Shift to So

Computer Privacy

One of the major concerns with the expanding influence of information technology is the issue of personal privacy. As more and more individuals and businesses are using computers to transact business and store information the protection of individual privacy is threatened. Consumers are becoming more and more concerned with this

Security case study

Network security case study In this case study, you need to develop a network checklist to establish certain procedures that enable you and other network security specialists to assess a network from different possible threats and vulnerabilities. In this evaluation take into consideration different important checklist that

Operating system

1. What is the rang of usable IP addresses for the following IP subnet? What is the bradcast address for the subnet? 2. For the following IP routing protocols: spwlol out their acronym as distance-vector or link-state routing protocol,and as classful or classless routing protocol. OSPF EIGRP RIPV2 ISIS

Security Measures of a Toy Company

Six months ago a toy company began to sell their products on the internet. Over this time period traffic to the website has increased substantially but few customers have made online purchases. The company decided to survey their customers to identify the reasons for the lack of online purchases. The results of the survey found

What will be your plan to enhance your network security?

Assume that you are the network security officer of one company, what will be your plan to enhance your network security (firewall? VPN? Content level protection? Or combination of them?) More details about your security infrastructure design will be welcome. * 500 minimum words with citing and referencing.

E-Business Launch

List the steps and sub steps needed to start an e-business. Assume the Idea (company's new product and services) is already approved and the viability is already established through e-business plan. Please list the sequence of steps and sub steps that are needed to launch e-business.

The Software Development Life Cycle and Project Management

1. What are some of the disadvantages to living in an Information Age? 2. Today more and more people rely on computers to create, store, and manage critical information. Thus, it is important that computers and the data they store are accessible and available when needed and also that the systems work in the manner they are d

Computer Programming - Grading Program

I need some help with writing a program. Your program should output a title similar to "Welcome to Ken's Grading Program", using your own name of course. Your program should prompt the user if they will be entering numbers or letters for grades. See example below. If the user enters 'numbers': Get input for the gr

Calculating Distance for Algorithms

You will calculate the total distance that a disk arm moves to satisfy pending requests, for different disk scheduling algorithms. Steps 1. Suppose that a disk drive has 5,000 cylinders, numbered 0 to 4,999. The drive is currently serving a request at cylinder 143, and the previous request was at cylinder 125. The queue of

Information Security Policies / Contingency Planning

This solution provides the learner with an understanding of management's role in the development and enforcement of information security policies, standards, practices, procedures and guidelines. In particular, the solution describes how an organization institutionalizes policies, standards, and practices using education, traini

Restrictions and Effects of Bell-LaPadula Model

(HW1) What is the effect of reading up and writing down restrictions imposed by the Bell-LaPadula model? And what is the effect of reading down and writing up restrictions imposed by the Biba model? (HW2) Choose one of your favourite operating systems (e.g. Windows 2000/XP/Vista or UNIX) and compare its security policy wi

Computer Crime - Virus Defense

I need to research 2 different specific viruses (e.g., the iloveyou virus) and describe the following: a. How can an individual machine get infected with the virus you are researching and how does it spread to other machines? b. What damage might the virus do? c. Give the complete web addresses of where you found this inf

Criminals Using Today's Technology to Steal Identities

I need information on criminals using todays technology (computers) to steal identities. Criminals Using Today's Technology to Steal Identities I. Introduction II. Understanding the Concept of Identity Theft A. Types of Information Used in Identity Theft B. Typical Victims of Identity Theft C. The Magnitude of the Dama

Under Pressure: Issues Challenging Every CIO

The 2005 article "Under Pressure: Issues Challenging Every CIO" Refers to Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. What is the purpose of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and which businesses are impacted by it? What business events was this Act in response to by Congress? Do you think this will help or hurt the business environment?

Customizing your Work Environment

Scavenger Hunt You have learned a great deal of important information about the Windows operating system so far. However, we have not even scratched the surface of the capabilities of Windows XP. This scavenger hunt is designed to let you explore many of the features of Windows XP and discover many of the other tools which ha

Integration of Networks

Can you assist with these two questions in at least 150 words each? What type of issues do you think businesses will face with integration of cellular and wi-fi networks for mobile business users? What is the integration of VOIP and WLAN. What are some of issues that need to be overcome, and what security issues needs to

Request Handling Order for Operating Systems

The following four requests could come in to an operating system as it is running on a computer system: 1. The clock in the computer has just "ticked", and we need to update a seconds counter. 2. The program running on processor 2 is trying to perform an illegal operation code. 3. Someone pulled the plug on the power suppl

Network Concept

Listed are 4 reasons as to why commoditization of network services is a possibility: Making it up in volume Buyer Literacy Selling "Services" Vendor Directions Can you explain each.

Is Operating System the Net Itself?

Discuss the statement: "Global communication has developed to such a degree that the true operating system is the net itself, where the individual operating systems are just its nodes". Do you agree? What if the operating systems are heterogeneous (not the same brand)? How is such a "super operating system" managed? If you agree

Security Engineering Password Protocol

An increasingly common mechanism is to ask for several pieces of security information rather than one. A call center might ask not just for your mother's maiden name, a password, and the amount of your last purchase, but also your dog's nickname and your favorite color. Such schemes need careful evaluation of their usability and

Explain to your team the differences between routers and switches.

Scenario: You are currently working for Surebank, a mid-size financial institution. The organization has approximately 80 people working in their main location where your office is located. The bank also has two branch locations. You have been very successful in your career as a Network Operation Specialist, serving at the