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    Operating Systems

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    Operating Systems - Information

    1. What are some of the many considerations in selecting the correct information system to use for trading futures and stocks? 2. Is Service Oriented Architecture a new solution to information technology, or is it a new name for the rehash of providing the user with what the user wants? Explain your answer. Please help to

    ESP and AH Modes in IPSec

    Explain the differences between ESP and AH modes in IPSec. Describe and compare them in detail so that even a computer novice can benefit from your report.

    User Interface; Software Reuse and Component-Based Software

    Sommerville suggested that objects manipulated by users should be drawn from their own domain rather that an computer domain. For the following computerized systems suggest objects for the following users and systems: · a. auto mechanic with an automatic diagnostic system · b. a retail associate on a department store · c.

    Explain the concept of cryptography

    Explain the concept of cryptography. What are the various types of cryptography? Summarize the mechanisms that make up a strong cryptosystem and how the cryptosystem could be used to secure a system.

    Differences Between Logical and Physical Security

    Consider the following: It is often difficult to explain technical concepts to those without technical experience. Use an analogy to explain the differences between logical and physical security to a nontechnical person.

    Logical and Physical Security

    How does logical security differ from physical security? Discuss real-world examples from current events that fall within your assigned category with your assigned group? The category is Weather.

    Trusted Computer Security Evaluation Criteria

    Review the Common Criteria Portal at: http://www.commoncriteriaportal.org 1. Describe the purpose of the Common Criteria (CC). 2. How does the CC differ from the Trusted Computer Security Evaluation Criteria and the Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria?

    Software and Applications

    Does the division of computer software into operating systems and applications make sense for today? Does the division make sense for the future?

    Technical Managers - Job Title and Description Match

    Job Title and Description Match a. Resource: Job Title and Description Match b. Complete: Job Title and Description Match Done. c. Choose: One position that interests you and conduct a job search Technical Managers. d. Post: 200 to 300 words, explaining the position responsibilities in more detail, including the

    Public Key Infrastructure

    Details: Describe an example of the Public Key Infrastructure that would explain the differing usages of symmetric and asymmetric encryption and how these encryption methods might use either a substitution or a transposition cipher. Cite external resources. Objective: Describe basic network security concepts

    Computer Assisted Passenger Pre-screening System

    Please provide information about Air Travel Database, Computer Assisted Passenger Pre-screening System (CAPPS). How does CAPPS determine who is a security risk?.What personal information is gathered by CAPPS? How might CAPPS infringe on personal privacy?Is it preferable to travel with or without the CAPPS system in place? Provid

    Electronic Monitoring

    Please provide some discussion about Electronic Monitoring, such as what is used in stores, by employers and by the public. Considering these questions in the response.What common applications of electronic monitoring or surveillance equipment are there? List some examples. Does knowing that an electronic security device is in

    Network Security

    What are some of the greatest security risks to a wide area network? Provide an example of one risk and discuss the potential consequences and possible precautions.

    Network Security

    Consider a natural or man-made disaster, and discuss how a communications network could be recovered from such a disaster. Refer to communication issues experienced during and after the tsunami in December of 2004 or similar issues experienced in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in August of 2005. Provide at least one resource

    Network Security

    Describe a recent high-profile computer security issue that you have heard of or read about. According to basic network security principles, how might the issue have been avoided? Provide at least one resource other than your text to support your answer.

    Smart Card Technology

    Please assist in explaining the benefits of using smart cards for identification? (Including at least three examples.) What privacy concerns exist? (Be specific by providing examples) Would you be in favor of using smart cards for personal identification? Why or why not? Give examples to support why or why not. Include resourc

    Computer technology general background information

    I would like some assitance in answering the following questions in order to help me develop an essay on computer technology. 1. Explain the difference between data and information and give an example of each. 2. What is an operating system? Give two examples. 3. What is application software? Give three examples. 4. Expla

    Selling Security to management

    Scenario: ABC company is a small but growing manufacturing company with revenues of approximately $25 million. Until now, the company has had a single headquarters and production facility in a Midwestern city, but it is building a separate sales office on the east coast which will open in a few months. You are the Manag

    Active Directory: Submitting a Plan to the CIO

    Based on the active directory proposal you completed, plan how to organize users into groups using the scopes available in Windows. Show how you might incorporate nesting as part of your plan. Submit a 2-3 page proposal to the CIO outlining your plan. See attachment for the active directory proposal.

    Laymens Terms for Shell Variables

    Please assist in helping with presentation. Trying to get this info in laymen terms, thanks What is/etc/profile? When is /etc/profile executed? What is $HOME/.bash_profile? When is it $HOME/.bash_profile executed?

    Operating System Comparison

    There are so many operating systems available in the market that it's difficult to decide which one is the best. Search the Internet for information on the following operating systems, and draw a table that compares them in terms of scalability, ease of use, reliability, and cost: - Windows XP - Windows Vista - Windows Serve

    Handing a Situation as a System Administrator Team Leader

    Details: While working with the System Administration Team, they tell you that a big part of the administrator's duties focus on troubleshooting problems within the network. There are categories of problems and levels of consideration for action. Most times, in a network, a problem that affects only one computer has a lower pri

    Operating Systems and Practical Networking

    Details: Your team's network plan can be supported by any network operating systems that SOPRO installs. The division supervisor wants recommendations from the Networking Team on which OS would best suit the client's needs. The criterion includes ease of use; a short learning curve, meaning that the users will be functional i