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    Active Directory: Submitting a Plan to the CIO

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    Based on the active directory proposal you completed, plan how to organize users into groups using the scopes available in Windows. Show how you might incorporate nesting as part of your plan. Submit a 2-3 page proposal to the CIO outlining your plan.

    See attachment for the active directory proposal.

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    Groups and nesting in active directory

    Windows Group Policy:- Group policy is a feature of operating systems of Microsoft NT family. It provides the configuration, central management, applications and users settings in an Active Directory environment. Group policy is often used to restrict certain actions that may pose potential security risks. These actions involve accessing the task manager or downloading of files. Group policy can be used to control following features over a windows system:
    • Registry of the system.
    • NTFS file system security.
    • Audit policy.
    • Software installation
    • Logon and logoff scripts
    • Folder redirection
    • Internet Explorer settings

    The group policy settings are managed in form of group policy objects (GPO's) which is internally referred by Global Unique identifier (GUID's). A GPO can be used to manage many users as it is associated with many machines. This reduces the burden of administration the system, since to change the settings of many machines or users a single group policy or GPU is needed to be changed. User- and computer objects may only exist once in the Active Directory but often fall into the scope of ...

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