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    Active Directory Riordan Manufacturing

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    Using Riordan Manufacturing as your model, create an Active Directory design for the organization. This should include your reasoning for core choices like number of forests and domains, DNS server placement, and placement of key roles in the AD design. You can use Visio® to assist in the design, and then prepare a 2-3 page proposal concerning the plan to submit to the CIO.

    Please use a word document for the proposal

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    Active directory
    Active directory is a network technology that provides a variety of network services. The services include:-
    • Directory services: - these services provide every user with a home directory. The user can store his/her files on it, can install softwares etc. Each user's directory will be protected by a user name and password.
    • Authentication services: - Active directory comes with Kerberos based authentication services. These services can be used for checking of various user name and passwords for various applications.
    • Domain naming: - This particular service allows a page to be accessed via a domain name. DNS servers store the domain names and the pages address.
    Since active directory uses a same database, it allows the administrators to assign policies, assign policies, deploy software, and apply critical updates to an organization. Active Directory stores information and settings in a central database.
    Riordan manufacturing has offices at four different countries. Each office is a network of servers, ...

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