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There are two parts to this question. APA format.

(1). is the personal case

(2). Analyzing the personal case.

Two attachments explain everything. Thank you

Final Paper
Personal Case Analysis*
The final paper asks you to do a four-frame analysis of your personal case situation.
The purposes of the paper are to:
• Provide opportunities to work with and integrate the four frames as a useful tool for diagnosis and action
• Demonstrate your ability to apply the four frames and other concepts from the literature to a real-life situation from your work
Although it is hard to predict how long your paper should be, you should probably expect to need 20 pages (double-spaced) to convey all of the required elements. The maximum length allowed is 25 pages.
• Introduce the paper by summarizing your Personal Case in three to four paragraphs.
• Analyze, in narrative form, what happened in the case using each of the four frames. Answer the following questions from the perspective of each frame:
o What's going on?
o What options are available?
Devote approximately equal attention to each of the four frames.
• Summarize your narrative analysis using a table like the one found on page 429 of Bolman and Deal (2008).
• Analyze the ethical, leadership, and change issues from a four-frame perspective.
• Rethink the entire case in light of the four-frame analysis. Match a frame(s) (page 317) to the situation and answer the following questions:
o What should management have done differently? Why?
o What can management do now to address the issue (if applicable)? Why?
o Summarize and conclude the paper.
o Attach references in APA format. A minimum of 10 references, not including the textbook, are required.
Criteria for Grading Final Paper
Papers will be graded on the following:
• Quality and thoroughness of analysis
• Clear focus, organization, writing, and presentation
• Internal consistency of the arguments
• Accurate and effective use of theory, using all four frames and other relevant concepts, to reflect on and provide new insights into personal case experiences.
See the Final Case Analysis Paper grading rubric for details.
Common errors in previous students' papers have included the following:
• Providing descriptions of case events (what happened) rather than analysis of the events. Good analysis tells why things happened.
• Trying to discuss every single aspect of the case. It is better to write thoroughly about the critical issues than superficially about many.
• Making inferences and generalizations without providing data from the case to support the generalizations, examples to help define them, or theory references to ground them. For example, you might say that everyone in the case wanted "involvement" and "participation." How do you know that? What evidence do you have? What do you mean by involvement and participation?
• Ignoring theory and writing only opinions. Good papers take a set of theoretical ideas and show how those ideas can be applied to some specific aspect(s) of the case.
• Choosing only one frame to address the situation. Complex situations typically require multi-faceted solutions.
• Ignoring one's own interpretations and restating theory after theory from the readings. Good papers use theory to support insights and to cast a new light on personal experiences and observations.
• Failing to edit for grammatical and structural problems.
• Failing to spell check.
*Adapted from Using Bolman and Deal's Reframing Organizations: An Instructor's Guide to Effective Teaching, Fourth Edition (2008) by Joan V. Gallos.

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Palmer, I. and Dunford, R. (1996) Reframing and organizational action: the unexplored link. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 9, 12-25.

Parry, A. E. and Horton, M. J. (1998) Finding, not looking, for leadership: a case study using the Bolman and Deal Model. Journal of Leadership Studies, 5. http://www.questia.com/googleScholar.qst?docId=5001503067


Your personal case paper should describe an organizational event or experience that was significant or challenging for you. In it, you will tell what happened in the event.

The example that I will provide is merely an example of how (you) should incorporate (your) own personal business experience into the assignment, and it is not a turn-in-ready paper for you to use as your own. I will provide a detailed overview of a hypothetical scenario involving a business that my relative owned and the organizational event that was extremely challenging, which personally caused me to gain experience and perspective by critically analyzing the necessary skills required for my relative to engage in rational and critical thinking for business success.

While running a start-up business that had been moderately successful in the beginning of the 21st century, my company was faced with the prospect of expanding as a result of the significant changes that were occurring as a result of technological advances in society. Beginning in 2001, I started my own resale business wherein I resold products to retailers after buying these products for considerably less money from wholesalers. The business was initially brick-and-mortar related and involved myself as well as my employees in the small business going store to store. The business required the ability to use communication, personal knowledge of the product, and geographic location to sell these products at retailers who would provide the highest price.

Utilizing a loophole in the marketing chain, the business relied upon contacts within the industry who were able to buy products from large scale businesses such as Walmart for pennies on the dollar. Walmart sold these in bulk to small chain stores such as dollar stores but these products were still new and could be resold for their original price or higher. Therefore, the owner of the business was able to reap significant profit by spending $1 for a product that could be resold to retailers for $20. The organizational issue that was challenging entailed the necessity to transition from a brick and mortar operation into a hybrid-online operation that would capitalize upon the changing dynamic associated with globalization.

The internet began to rapidly impact business opportunities in the early 2000s, and with the creation of Amazon and Ebay as well as other formats that offered resale businesses the ability to exponentially grow by connecting with consumers across the world. Therefore, the business owner decided to enter this brand new paradigm and market to grow his business but need a CIO to guide him through the process. The primary issue that arose within the company was could the owner ...

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