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Configuring and Administering Individual Servers & Workstations

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Sherrill Medical Group of California is a HMO that has contacted you to install Windows Server 2003 and Active Directory. They own the sherrill.com domain name. They have 2000 users equally dispersed in three locations: San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sacramento.

Sacramento is the headquarters, while the San Francisco office handles Northern California region, and the Los Angeles office is in charge of the Southern California region. The security policies, such as password length and account lockout are more laid back in San Francisco than in LA. The company headquarters establishes financial goals and general claims policy, but allows some regional operational autonomy.

Within corporate headquarters are the following business units: Operations, Claims, Physician Relations, and IT. Within the two regional offices are the following business units: Sales, Marketing, IT, Claims, and Physician Relations.

The CIO would like the delegate the ability to manage users and groups to the business unit level without delegating control over security policies.

The three locations are joined by T1 lines that are 80% saturated from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Answer the following questions:

For the benefit of upper management that is non-technical, please describe how forests, trees, domains, OUs and sites function in Active Directory.

How would you design the logical structure of Active Directory for the Sherrill Medical Group and what domain naming structure would you suggest?

How many domain controllers, DNS servers, and global catalog servers would you suggest? Where would you place them. What is your reasoning?

What edition of Windows 2003 server would you use for your domain controller? If you needed four way clustering for Sherrill's Web server, what edition of Windows Server 2003 would you use?

You will be building these servers. How would you select your server components? What would you do if you added a tape backup to your server and the mouse froze?

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This job explains how to configure and administer individual servers and workstations.

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You have been hired by a large restaurant called Habibi's. Habibi's has a small network of 20 client workstations and a Windows Server 2003. Seven of those workstations are inside the restaurant and are used by the table servers to place customer orders. Three of the workstations are used by the owner and the management staff, and the rest are in the kitchen for the chef's staff.

During Phase One of this project, your job is to set up the Windows Server 2003 and train two of the management staff on its operation.

1. Currently there is only one restaurant location. In the near future, Habibi's will open another branch. Explain how you would work with the current management staff to determine how to set up groups now that will enable them to be ready for the future expansion. What natural groupings can you identify, and how would you implement them in terms of domain local, global, and universal groups?

2. The chef is very temperamental, and one of the guarantees that have been made is that only he will have access to the server folders that will contain his secret recipes. Using some or all of the following tools, explain how you would set up access and security on his folders.

o Groups

o User rights

o Attributes

o Permissions

3. The table servers need access to two shared folders that will enable them to place orders from any of the seven workstations available to them. Explain how you would set up security on these folders.

4. The two management staff members need training how to set up shared folders will access permissions and share permission security. Develop a set of instructions to help them understand how to set these up.


Describe the GUI and command line utilities that you might use in creating and managing users, assigning them to global groups, assigning the global groups to domain local groups and granting domain local groups permissions, should Habibi's grow to a national chain of restaurants. Try to envision and describe different scenarios where different utilities might be very useful.The deliverable length should be approximately 4-5 paragraphs. The assignment should not be submitted in the form of a Word document.Don't forget to include your references! These references add credibility to your statements and support your statements. Stating information obtained from other sources requires listing the reference. Re-state that information using your own words. Extracted information must be denoted as such using quotes or some other way to give credit to the original author

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