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Handing a Situation as a System Administrator Team Leader

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Details: While working with the System Administration Team, they tell you that a big part of the administrator's duties focus on troubleshooting problems within the network. There are categories of problems and levels of consideration for action. Most times, in a network, a problem that affects only one computer has a lower priority than problems associated with several computers. There is a pattern to the priority. The maintenance policy also may set the priority of responses.

The administrator received a phone call from J.Q. Bowery, the vice president, because his Internet connection was not working, and he wanted it fixed. The team lead explained that under the policy the vice president had signed, there are other priorities for response in the HR division and marketing and sales that were higher than his priority and that the System Administration Team would get to it as soon as possible. For HR, the System Administration Team needs to reconnect to the Internet to report a security issue with revoked certification that has left the organization open to a security breach. For marketing and sales, the system administration has to repair the data link and do an immediate backup of sales because one of the data servers indicates storage failure.


If you were the System Administrator Team lead, how would you handle the situation? Post a discussion on which way you would go and why. In your own words discuss whether you would send the team Internet specialist immediately to the boss's office or make him wait until his priority came up.

I have to put this in about 2 to 3 paragraphs to submit to my boss.

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This solution discusses how a system administrator team leader would handle a given situation.

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As head of the SA team I would know that while business priorities come first, you never know when you will need to ask the VP for a favor. Not to mention, when a senior executive is offline that could affect the entire company (schedule, email, webcast, etc.). While the rest of the team tackled the other two situations, I would grab a laptop with wifi and take it to the VP knowing that I will spend 3-5 minutes doing a quick troubleshoot of his workstation. If I cannot get it online, I will ...

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