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Educational Leadership

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Review the three (3) attached scenarios (Cases: C4, C6 & C7) and give your reflection as to the leadership style and what would you have done differently if you were in these administrators' position.

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I believe the type of leadership style in this case is People-oriented leadership or relations-oriented leadership. This type of leader focuses on developing the people within their supervision to become team players by supporting and developing them to become integrated within the team. I would have utilized a different leadership style in this scenario one in which I would have employed Laissez-faire leadership. This style should be employed because it enables skilled self-starters to work on their own monitoring and reporting the successful results implemented by these workers. This is the best type of leadership for this scenario.

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The type of leadership displayed in this scenario in my own humble opinion is Servant leadership that is predicated upon leading through the entire team being involved in decision-making. ...

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