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network security

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Assume that you are the network security officer of one company, what will be your plan to enhance your network security (firewall? VPN? Content level protection? Or combination of them?) More details about your security infrastructure design will be welcome.

* 500 minimum words with citing and referencing.

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In general terms, taking control of network security means companies must do the following:

?Control access to the network and enforce appropriate use;

?Eliminate viruses/worms and unwanted network traffic;

?Understand both the internal and external threats;

?Make sense out of the enormous amount of security intelligence available and turn it into actionable items; and

?Understand and demonstrate regulatory compliance to internal auditors, government agencies and supply chain partners.

To enable companies to achieve these goals, security solutions must be:

?Based on a trusted network architecture and a sound strategy that mitigates risk and returns control to the organization;

?Easy to deploy and use; and

?Standards-based, interoperable and reliable

Reference: http://www.procurve.com/NR/rdonlyres/0EA6F715-0F82-46CF-A869-543444BDFBA8/0/ProactiveDefenseNetworkSecurityStrategy_July_2007_WW_Eng_Ltr.pdf

My first plan in enhancing the network security will be to create awareness about the security threats, not only among the IT staff incharge of network security, but also among all other organizational employees. IT staff will be required to update themselves regularly on new security threats and employees will be provided a document containing information about various network security threats.

I will also develop a network security policy, which will contain guidelines in terms of using internet, emails, sending/receiving information over the web, so that employees are aware of various ways in ...

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Assume that you are the network security officer of one company, what will be your plan to enhance your network security?