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Security case study

Network security case study

In this case study, you need to develop a network checklist to establish certain procedures that enable you and other network security specialists to assess a network from different possible threats and vulnerabilities. In this evaluation take into consideration different important checklist that should be looked at to decide how good the security of the network is. Give each checklist some points or grade out of 100.

Write a report on network security and how you will do network security assessment.?
Make a summary of check list for security and give it a grade to enable you to assess your university network.

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Table of content

1. Introduction
2. Threats to our network
3. Basic services
4. Security at different layers of Network Architecture
a) Security at network layer
b) Security at transport layer
i) Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
ii) Transport Layer Security (TLS)
c) Security at Application layer
i) PGP Policy
5. Network checklist
6. References


With an increasing amount of people getting connected to networks, the security threats that cause massive harm are increasing also. Network security is a major part of a network that needs to be maintained because information is being passed between computers etc and is very vulnerable to attack. Over the past five years people that manage network security have seen a massive increase of hackers and criminals creating malicious threats that have been pumped into networks across the world and leaked many confidential information.
In this report we are going to discus few important threats to the network and apart from these threats we are going to discuss ...

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The solution has a report for network security and how the security assessment will be carried out. The solution contains a summary of check lists for security and a grade given to be able to enable the access to the university network.