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    Comparions of Bluetooth, W-fi, and Wimax

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    Compare Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and WiMax. What are their capabilities? For what types of applications is each best suited?

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    Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and WiMax

    I will look at each of them separately and provide you with their individual capabilities and uses. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and WiMax are all wireless technologies that use radio frequencies and permit devices to communicate with each other. Although they all use radio frequencies, they differ in the bands of frequency.

    ?Uses a radio frequency of 2.45 GHz.
    ?A Bluetooth connection is wireless and automatic and removes the need for user involvement on deciding the point of agreement for a conversation like physically through wires or wirelessly.
    ?When Bluetooth-capable devices come within range of one another, an electronic conversation takes place to determine whether they have data to share or whether one needs to control the other. The user doesn't have to press a button or give a command -- the electronic conversation happens automatically (Franklin & Layton, 2011).
    ?The transmission rate of Bluetooth devices are extremely low and therefore contributes to a longer battery life of your device.
    ?At a physical level, an agreement is provided using radio frequency
    ?At the protocol level, the two Bluetooth enabled devices have to agree on how and when the bits will be sent from one device to another how many will be sent at a time, and how the parties in a conversation can be sure that the message received is the same as the message sent (Franklin & Layton, ...

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    The solution compares the capabilities of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and WiMax. They are all looked at seperately. The references are formatted using APA styling.