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Bonding in Co-Ordination chemistry

How is it possible that [Co(h20)6]3+ will oxidize water but [Co(Nh36]3+ is stable in aqueous solution? Both are mondentate ligands. I thought the proximity of the nitrogens after one has bonded to the cobalt would make it more likely to react, because the entropy would be lowered. They are also both low spin complexes.

Structures of Solids

My professor gave us this and told us that some of these problems will be on our test. I just want to make sure I know how to do all of them correctly. Thanks! 1. When describing structures of solids, especially ionic solids, structure types are typically associated with the structures of well-known species. If a system we

Determining hybridization and molecular shape

1.)For each of the following covalent compounds deduce their molecular shape and the possible hybridization of the central atom: a.) indium(I)iodide b.)tin(II)bromide c.)antimony tribromide d.)tellurium tetrachloride e.)iodine pentafluoride 2.) Determine the electron pair arrangement and the molecular shape according to

Bond Order, Bond Angles and Electron-Dot Diagrams

1) Assuming that it has similar molecular orbital energies to those of carbon monoxide, deduce the bond order of the NO+ ion. 2) construct electron-dot diagrams for a) oxygen difluoride b) phosphorus trichloride c) xenon difluoride d) tetrachloroiodate ion, ICl4^- 3) Construct an electron-dot diagram for th

Molecule Shapes

What shape do you expect for molecules that meet the following descriptions? a) A central atom with two lone pairs and three bonds to other atoms. b) A central atom with two lone pairs and two bonds to other atoms. c) A central atom with two lone pairs and four bonds to other atoms.

Lattice Energy for CaH2

Calculate the lattice energy for CaH2 (in kilojoules per mole) using the following information: Eea for H = -72.8 kj / mol Ei1 for Ca = +589.8 kj / mol Ei2 for Ca = +1145 kj / mol Heat of sublimation for Ca = +178.2 kj / mol Bond dissociation energy for H2 = +435.9 kj / mol Net energy change for the formation of CaH2 from

Structure of Ice Diamond Compared

Compare the structure of ice with the structure of diamond. If you rotate the structures just right, you will see distinct similarities, namely sp3 hybridization (of owygen and carbon, respectively) and the hexagonal arrangement of atoms. Given this similarity, explain why ice can be melted by applying pressure whereas diamond

Lidocaine Problem

Lidocaine is thought to bind to receptors in its methylated form above. Identify in writing the atoms or groups in the above compound that could be involved in its binding to a receptor via... (See attachment for full question).


State the type of bonding that is present in barium chloride,BaCl2(2 should be subscript- low down , can't do it in this program), giving your reasons in two or three senttences, using arguments based on electronegatives. Also, give an explanation using electron stuctures, of the way in which the type of bonding explains the

Four compounds have the formula C4H8O, identify possible compounds.

Four compounds have the formula C4H8O. Identify possible compounds (by name or structure). Compounds A and C have similar boiling points; Compounds B and D have significantly lower boiling points than A and C. A Reacts with oxidizing agents; reacts immediately with bromine; negative Iodoform Test; negative Lucas Test. B

Pi bonding, temperature volume

1) Two flexible containers for gasses are the same temperature and pressure. One holds .50 grams hydrgen and the other 8.0 grams of oxygen. Which of the following statements regarding these gas samples is false? a) the volume of the hydrogen container is the same as the volume of the oxygen container b) the number of mol

Bond length, moles and cathodes

1) Which of the following molecules has the shortest bond length a) N sub 2 b) O sub 2 c) Cl sub 2 d) Br sub 2 e) I sub 2 2) What number of moles of Osub2 his needed to produce 14.2 Grams 0f Psub4Osub10 (molecular mass =284g)from P? 3) If 0.060 faraday is passed through an electrolytic cell containing a solution of

Chemical Bonding

I have been having trouble figuring out how to do problems 8-10 in the attachment below. I completed the problems, but I would like to make sure that I have the correct answers and that I understand the solutions to the problems.

Band Structure Diagrams

See attached problem. I am having trouble on all parts of the problem. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Chemistry Problem Set: Half-Reactions

Please see the attached file for full problem description. 2. Which half-reactions represent oxidation and which reduction? Explain your reasoning. 2+ - a. Fe --> Fe + 2 e 4+ _ 2+ b. Ni + 2 e --> Ni - - c

Compounds & Structural Formulas, etc.

Please see the attached file for full problem description. A popular brand of low-fat shredded cheddar cheese advertises that it provides 1.5 g of fat with 15 Calories from total fat per serving. There are 50 Calories per serving and of the total fat, 1.0 g is saturated fat. A serving is defined as ¼ cup or 28 g. Is this "lo

Density, Conductivity, Coal-Combustion Calculations

Question 15: The density of liquid water at 0 degrees C is 0.9987 g/cm cubed; the density of ice at this same temperature is 0.917 g/cm cubed. a. Calculate the volume occupied at 0 degrees C by 100. g of liquid water and by 100. g of ice. b. Calculate the percentage increase in volume when 100. g of water freezes at 0 degree

Elements in atmosphere in pure form

Which group of elements is normally obtained from the atmosphere in pure form? a) sulfur, phosphorus, oxygen, nitrogen b) magnesium, sodium, calcium, strontium c) flourine, chlorine, neon, argon d) flourine, chlorine, oxygen, nitrogen e) oxygen, nitrogen, neon, argon

Behaviour of phosphorus pentachloride (PCl5)

PCl5 is a white solid, which volatilises at 160oC and melts at 148oC under pressure. Molten PCl5 conducts an electric current readily. At 180oC PCl5 vapour has a density of 9.3 g/L corrected to the standard conditions. At 250oC a sample of PCl5 exerts a pressure, which is twice the expected value. Discuss these observations and

Peptide Bonds

Draw the peptide Asn-Val-Ile-Cys and list the number of peptide bonds and what type of peptide is it (dipeptide, tripeptide etc...)?

Identifying and drawing structures with functional groups.

The recognition of functional groups is essential for understanding chemistry and biochemistry. For the functional groups listed below, draw the structure of a molecule that contains that type of functional group. (a) Amine (b) Carboxylic acid (c) Two double bonds (d) Both a ketone and an amine (e) Alcohol