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    Molecular Geometry

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    For each molecule, draw the Lewis structure first, then apply the VSEPR model according to the following rules:
    1. Count the number of electron pairs around the central atom (both bonding pairs and unshared pairs). Treat double and triple bonds as if they were single bonds.
    2. Refer to the table given below to predict the geometry of the molecule. Locate the correct ?number of electron pairs? on the table, then match your molecule to the correct structure.

    Note that the name of the geometric shape of the molecule describes only the arrangement of the atoms in space about the central atom and does not include any unshared electron pairs.

    Locate the correct shape for each molecule, then build a three-dimensional model using toothpicks and gumdrops. Once you are sure you have the correct shape, give the name of the shape (as given in the table) for the molecule.

    1. BrF4 - 2. SbF5 2-
    3. BiI4 - 4. I3 -
    5. ICl2 + 6. HBr
    7. BrF3 8. SF6
    9. ClF2 10. H2Se
    11. H3O+ 12.CO2

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