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Solving General Chemistry Questions

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Hi, I need assistance with the following questions:

The electron configuration of the S2- ion is _______.
a. [Kr]3s23p-6
b. [Ne]3s23p2
c. [Ar]3s23p2
d. [Ar]3s23p6
e. [Ne]3s23p6

Of the compounds below, _____ has the smallest ionic separation.
a. SrBr2
b. KF
c. RbCl
d. Rbf
e. K2S

Given the electronegativities below, which covalent single bond is most polar?
a. O-C
b. O-H
c. C-H
d. N-H
e. O-N

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1) A 2 minus charge means two more electrons are present, adding two ...

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