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Analytical CHM Questions

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5. What is a blank?

9. What is a calibration curve?

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5. blank solution that is free of the analyte(s) of ...

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Two brief questions are briefly answered here in the context of analytical chemistry.

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Separation of A Three Component Mixture by Extraction

2. Determine the amount of each component recovered and total their masses. Calculate the % recovery based on your starting mass.
Amine with watch glass weighed 18.5197g - 18.4998g = 0.0199g, substance was yellow. Carbonoxylic acid with watch glass weighed 18.7402g - 18.7237g = 0.0165g.
3. Calculate the % composition of the mixture.

I have attached the lab that this question relates.

Title of Laboratory: Separation of A Three Component Mixture by Extraction

Purpose: Extraction depends upon the relative solubilities of materials in different solvents. In this lab, a mixture containing a carboxylic acid, an amine and a neutral compound will be extracted in order to isolate the three compounds. Initially the mixture is dissolved in diethyl ether. 3M HCL is added, shaken and removed. In this first extraction, amines are rendered water-soluble by formation of the HCL salt. 3M NaOH is then added, shaken and removed; the carboxylic acid is rendered water-soluble by formation of the sodium salt. The neutral material remains in the ether layer.

The amine is recovered from the after phase by neutralization of the HCL salt using 10 M NaOH. The carboxylic acid is recovered from the water phase by neutralization with 12 M HCL. Finally the neutral material is recovered by evaporating the ether.

? To isolate the components of a mixture.
? To identify the components based on melting point.
? To quantify recover base on starting mass.
? To write appropriate acid-base reactions.
? To write a flow-scheme for extraction.

? Mixture containing an amine, a carboxylic acid, and a neutral compound
? 12 mL glass screw-cap centrifuge tube
? Diethyl ether
? 3 M HCL
? 3M NaOH
? 12M HCL
? 10M NaOH
? CaCl2 pellets
? 3- 25mL Erlenmeyer flasks
? 6 Pasteur pipettes
? Hirsch funnel with 1.5cm filter papers
? Filtration apparatus
? Gloves
? Red and blue litmus paper
? Melting point tubes and apparatus

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