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Energy Released by a Reaction

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I have been given the attached as a balanced chemical equation for the complete oxidation of one mole of oleic acid.

2CH3(CH2)7CH = CH(CH2)7COOH + 51)2 = 36CO2 = 36CO2 + 34H20

Using the following table how do I work out the energy released by the reaction?


Single carbon-to-carbon (C-C) 330
Double carbon-to-carbon (C=C) 589
Carbon-to-hydrogen (C-H) 416
Single carbon-to-oxygen (C-O) 327
Double carbon-to-oxygen (C=O) 804
Double oxygen-to-oxygen (O=O) 498
Oxygen-to-hydrogen (O-H) 463

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This solution demonstrates how to calculate the bond formation energy of products and the energy to break the bonds of the reactants.

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Answer) Here is how it works.
Calculate the bond formation energy of products:
products: 36(O=C=O) + 34(H-O-H) = 36(2*804)+34(2*463) = 89372 kJ

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