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    Energy Release Problem

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    A hypothetical atom with negligible kinetic energy has a mass of 194 amu. It undergoes a beta decay. The remaining atom has atomic mass 193.5 amu. What is the kinetic energy and/or wavelength (whichever is more appropriate) of the emitted particle, assuming that the kinetic energy of the remaining atom is negligible? How much energy would be released by the decay of a mole of these atoms? Note that the mass of a helium nucleus is about 4.001 amu and the mass of an electron about .00055 amu, where an amu is approximately 1.66 * 10^-27 kg?

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    The energy released in a nuclear reaction is:
    Where is the total difference in the mass:
    And c is the speed of light.
    A negative number means ...

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    Energy release problems are examined for a hypothetical atom with negligible kinetic energy.