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    Boiling Point, Ideal Gas Equation, Critical Temperature

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    6 general chemistry questions - i.e. "Atoms of an element, X, have the electronic configuration shown above. The compound most likely to form with magnesium, Mg, is:
    (a) MgX
    (b) Mg2X
    (c) MgX2
    (d) Mg2X3
    (e) Mg3X2 "

    *(Please see attachment for complete equations and problems)

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    14. (E) Hydrogen bonds are strong intermolecular force since the hydrogen nucleus is extremely small and positively charged and fluorine being very electronegative so that the electron on the hydrogen atom is strongly attracted to the fluorine, oxygen or nitrogen atom, leaving a highly localised positive charge on the hydrogen atom and highly ...

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    The expert examines the boiling point, ideal gas equations and critical temperature. The atoms of an element configurations are analyzed.