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    Acid - Common Component; Calculate Moles; Melting Point; VSEPR Theory; Ionic etc.

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    Please help with the following problem.

    Question 1
    All acids have the common component H+, true or false?

    Question 2
    Calculate the number of moles of aluminum in 96.7g of Al.
    a) 0.28
    b) 3.6
    c) 7.4
    d) 4.2

    Question 3
    The melting point of bromine is -7°C. What is this in °F?
    a) -12.6°F
    b) -28.1°F
    c) 19.4°F
    d) 39.0°F
    e) none of them are within 2°F of the right answer

    Question 4
    According to the VSEPR theory, the shape of the SO3 molecule is:
    a) pyramidal
    b) tetrahedral
    c) trigonal planar
    d) distorted tetrahedron
    e) square planar

    Question 5
    Which one of the compounds below is most likely to be ionic?
    a) GaAs
    b) SrBr3
    c) NO2
    d) CBr4
    e) H2O

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    1. True
    2. b) moles = mass / molar mass
    = 96.7 g / 26.98 g/mol
    = 3.58 mol
    3. e) none of them are correct
    because T(K) = T(C) + 273.15
    = ...

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