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    Ionic Compounds and VSEPR Geometry

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    Specify which compound in the following pairs of ionic compounds has the higher lattice energy: (a) KCI or MgO, (b) LiF or LiBr, (c) or NaCl. Explain your choice. See attachment.

    Compare the stability (in the solid state) of the following pairs of compounds: (a) LiF and (containing the ion), (b) and CsO (containing the ion), (c) and (containing the ion).

    Predict the geometrics of the following species using the VSEPR method: (a) ,
    (b) , (c) , (d) (see attachment).

    Predict the geometry of the following molecules using the VSEPR method: (a)
    (b) (arrangement of atoms is NNO), (c) (arrangement of atoms is SCN).

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    The completed solution thoroughly 1) explains how to compare the lattic energy of pairs of ionic compounds, 2) explains how to compare solid state stability of pairs of ionic compounds, and 3) explains how to determine VSEPR geometries for several compounds. Diagrams are included in solution.