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    Naming Binary Ionic and Molecular Compounds

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    I need to write an essay that explains how a given set of names for binary ionic and molecular compounds can be determined.

    For an example let's pick KF which is potassium flouride. How can that name be found?

    I also need to discuss the nomenclature and chemical formulas in this essay by distinguishing between them.

    When are the Roman Numerals used and why not used for all ionic compounds?

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    - Naming Binary Ionic Compounds

    Such compounds contain metal cations and nonmetal anions. The cation is named first and the anion is named second, according to this rule:

    Generally, the cation is named as is, and the anion is named by adding an "ide" suffix to the element's unambiguous stem.

    For example, KF would be "potassium fluoride." The cation metal is potassium (K), and the anion is fluorine. The stem of fluorine is "fluor", ...

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    The solution walks the reader through the problem, first explaining how binary ionic compounds' names are derived and then molecular.