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    Chemical Formulas for the ionic compounds

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    1. what is the chemical formula for the following ternary compounds given their constituent ions
    a. lead(IV) sulfate
    b. stannous chlorite
    c. cobalt(II) hydroxide
    d. mercurous phosphate

    2. Provide the formula for each of the following binary ionic compounds
    a. curprous sulfide
    b. ferrous phosphide
    c. mercuric iodide
    d. plumbic oxide

    3. What is the formula for the following ternary ionic compounds?
    a. cuprous chlorite
    b. plumbic sulfite
    c. mercuric chlorate
    d. ferrous chromate

    4. Complete the table below by combining cations and anions into chemical formulas. Give a systematic name for each compound. Use the Roman numeral naming system.

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    Charges crossing technique when given name to write the formula:
    The rules to follow are:
    • the total positive charges must equal the total negative charges.
    • you cannot change the charges given ...

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