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Bonding and Compound Questions

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1.) Do all ionic compounds dissolve in water, Do all covalent compounds dissolve in water? answer should be 50 to 100 words.

2.) Do the physical properties of water change when a compound is dissolved in water? If so, which properties change and why?

3.) Do all chemical compounds undergo each type of chemical reaction,i.e. synthesis, decomposition, metathesis-precipitation, metathesis-neutralization, redox-single displacement, redox-combustion and can this information be useful to a criminal investigation?

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- All ionic compounds dissolve in water. One property of any ionic compound is that it is soluble in polar solvents because ionic compounds are polar. Water is a polar solvent that ionizes when an ionic compound is added to it, or causes ionic compounds to break down into ions. This is the reason why ionic compounds are soluble in water. For covalent compounds, mostly, if not all, are ...

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