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Strategy and Business Analysis

Strategy Questions

A. What is the role of metrics and measurement in the strategy process? B. Why are they so important to the strategy process? C. What are the possible outcomes for a company that decides not to put metrics and measurement into its strategic plan?

Framing when negotiating

Discuss the role of framing when negotiating. Think of an argument you have framed for negotiating in the past. What steps or tactics did you employ? Were they successful? Why or why not?

The Apple Versus Microsoft Case: Discuss the moral problem

See attached case file. Pick a moral problem or a case in business. A moral problem is one in which there is some difference of opinion on what is right and wrong. The issue is not clear cut and there is no consensus about it. Similarly, a case should be one about which there is some debate. Write a paper arguing to a conc

Bottoms Up Case Study: Changing bottle size based on statistics

Bottoms Up bottles soft drinks. It plans on introducing a new style of bottle to attract more drinkers. The new bottle can hold no more than 12.1 ounces of cola. The company also knows that anything less than 11.9 ounches in the new bottle will be apparent to potential customers as a less than full bottle because of the bottles

Create Pareto Chart for a pizza company

A pizza company is having trouble with pizza arriving cold because deliveries are taking too long. Mgmt has kept track of when a late delivery was made as well as who the driver was. Data for chart is below and the times are in two-hour shifts. A B or C indicates the driver for the late delivery. Problem: construct paret

Calculating Implicit and Explicit Costs

At the beginning of the year, an audio engineer quit his job and gave up a salary of $175,000 per year in order to start his own business, Sound Devices, Inc.,The new company builds, installs, and maintains custom audio equipment for businesses that require high-quality audio systems. A partial income statement for Sound Devices

The Supply and Demand Dynamics

Florida Citrus Mutual, an agricultural cooperative association for citrus growers in Florida, needs to predict what will happen to the price and output of Florida oranges under the conditions below. What are your predictions? For each part, sketch a graph showing the appropriate demand and supply analysis. a. A major freeze

Eiminating Risk

There is a tendency in the U.S. to eliminate as much risk and danger as possible to consumers from the products they buy and use. As a manager, do you think such a goal may also have some negative effects on your business environment? Can you point to instances or provide examples when such an approach might prove unwise?

U.S. Department of Education

Examine the Department of Education and describe and analysis whether the department is successful or not in the areas of: 1) Competitive advantage 2) Organizational Climate. Please include citations.

Calculate the value of a share of IBM after stock dividends

Market prices following a stock split or stock dividend. Assume that IBM is selling for $180 per share. IBM implements one of the following stock splits, and no other change in the value of the firm occurs. What is the value of one share for each of the following? a. An 8% stock dividend b. A 50% stock dividend

DRTV spot for a product

Please write a paper explaining the followings, (use specific examples of ideas and concepts to demonstrate application.) You have been asked to develop a DRTV campaign for a product. Choose a specific product in the market today for illustration. a. What would you want to know about the product before developing that

Market Strategy Questions for REI Customer Survey

Imagine that you are the REI outdoor apparel marketing manager for a particular product category, such as outdoor apparel. You would like to improve market share in this category relative to the competitor you have chosen such as Dicks Sporting Goods, Eastern Mountain Sports. What would you need to know about REI customers who a

Business Strategy Decisions

1.What decisions making behavior is need in business strategy? 2.The Business Model of my employer, 3. How is business strategy assessed?

Which Regression Produces the Strongest Correlation Coefficient and Why?

Prepare a 3-page report using Excel as your processing tool to process 3 simple regression analyses. Create a graph with the trend line displayed for each of the 3 different regressions. First run a regression analysis using the BENEFITS column of all data points in the AIU data set as the independent variable and the INTRINS

Building Good Strategy Execution

Using Google Scholar or access to EBSCO, InfoTRac, or other online database of journal articles do a search for recent writings on self-directed or empowered work teams (at least 3 articles-Provide Names of the Articles and their authors). According to the articles you found in the various management journals, what conditions fo

This posting addresses product development for Shamroll Inc.

Shamroll inc. is a household products firm that is considering developing a new detergent. In evaluating whether to go ahead with the new detergent project, which of the following statements is most correct? A) The company will produce the detergent in a building that they already own. The cost of the building is therefore ze

Walmart Relevant Technology Challenges and Opportunities

Identify the relevant technology challenges and opportunities that exist within the industry and company. What core skills could be enhanced or created that could give the company a distinct advantage, while also reducing the overall resource footprint of the company? How could the company innovate and reposition itself, or ev

Your company has developed a new educational electronic game. Your target market is 4-6 year old children. What research methods would you use to test this product concept? Choose at least three methods that you believe will provide valuable information, and describe your research strategy.

Your company has developed a new educational electronic game. Your target market is 4-6 year old children. What research methods would you use to test this product concept? Choose at least three methods that you believe will provide valuable information, and describe your research strategy.

Growth Trajectory for Walmart

How is Walmart going to bring products and services to a larger world and shift its way of thinking about global social and environmental issues? How can the company reach out to serve under-served populations? How can the company grow within a sustainable framework?

Walmart Sustainability Relevant Issues

Identify relevant issues with respect to how Walmart interacts with the larger stakeholder base. (You can, and should relate this analysis back to the discussions/concepts from enterprise-level strategy and stakeholder value frameworks). In what ways could your company change in order to enhance its perceived legitimacy in the

determinants of demand

What are the determinants of demand and what happens to the demand curve when each of these determinants change? What is the difference between a change in demand and a change in the quantity demanded?

Quantitative Analysis: PERT/CPM Analysis

A construction project is broken down into the following 10 activities: Activity Immediate Predecessor Time (Weeks) 1 -- 4 2 1 2 3 1 4 4 1 3 5 2, 3 5 6 3 6 7 4 2 8 5 3 9 6, 7 5 10 8, 9 7

Sample Estimate: Example Problem

A partner company to American Intellectual Union (AIU), Universal Credit Inc., would like to examine the required sample size needed to be able to estimate the mean dollars that each card holder will spend each month. It would like to be within plus or minus $50 of the true mean with a 95% confidence level. The standard deviatio

Extending A/R terms to customers

In this equation below I we formed peer questions for our weekly brainteasers please help us solve. You have a sole-proprietorship merchandising business dealing with photography equipments. The business was established three years back, and it had an average annual turnover of $50,000. However, over the last six months, the