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Impact of Distribution Strategies on Consumer

Identify two examples from your experience of when a distribution strategy has had a significant impact on you as a consumer, one positive and one negative. Explain what happened and what the impact was (e.g. you decided never to use that company again).

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Distribution strategy can have a significant impact on getting and keeping customers. In our local store, the product is re-stocked based upon a computer program. The manager enters the inventory amount, and based on a predetermined build-to quantity, stock is replenished. It works most of the time but then, all of a sudden, the weather will heat up outside as the seasons change, and there will not be any sun screen, chips, and just a few packages of hot dog buns. For whatever reason temperature, season, holidays are not a part of the calculation. It drives the neighborhood crazy! The manager knows it is a problem because many ...

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This solution outlines the impact different distribution strategies have on consumers, both positive and negative. It gives examples.