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Strategy and Business Analysis

Multiple choice questions - Inherent risk, Sampling plans, and more

17. The most common objective of PPS sampling plans is to: a.determine the rate of deviation from a control procedure. b.estimate the true dollar value in an unrecorded account. c.establish that the rate of deviation from a control procedure does not exceed the established tolerable rate. d.independently estimate the

Which is an example of a systematic risk?

8. Which one of the following is an example of systematic risk? a. An oil fire sinks a tanker ship. b. A chemist discovers a new drug that will cure cancer. c. Congress raises corporate tax rates. d. The CFO of Nu-Tek is fired for conduct unbecoming a corporate executive

Building Business Relationships with Key Players

Discuss the aspects of building relationships before you need them. Identify key players and what you can do to help them before you need their assistance. It is always easier to receive a favor after you have granted one. (300 words)

Strategic Management Assignment: Case Analysis

Strategic Management Assignment case analysis. Note that I need help providing 4 versions that are completely different, as if 4 different people with different writing styles wrote them. Please answer the following questions: 1- How to create a link between strategy and operations. Try to provide a critical analysis t

Strategy of small hardware store to compete with retail giants

Assume that you are a consultant to a small independent hardware store in a town where a retail giant such as Wal-Mart, K-mart, or Target is about to open. The large retailer sells many of the same items the small hardware store sells, but at lower prices. What advice would you offer the owner concerning the hardware store's str

Identify appropriate place and promotional strategy (Kudler Fine Foods)

I am writing a team paper where we have chosen to sell Kudler Fine Foods baked goods in grocery store chains as our new product. I need help writing 400 words that will "Identify the appropriate place and promotional strategy that should be used in the development of the strategic marketing plan."

Operation Management G-Roy Hotel: limitations and constraints

The G-Roy Hotel (from Management Dilemmas: The Theory of Constraints Approach to Problem Identification and Solutions, Eli Schrageheim, CRC Press, 1999. Page 2-3.) Roy has planned his new business initiative very carefully. He decided to move into the tourism and resort business, starting with his own hotel at Lake Yuma.

Related Diversification for Strategic Management questions

Related Diversification for Strategic Management course. Why would an athletic company choose to diversify into a related as opposed to unrelated business opportunity? What are the strategic fit relationships that are available for capture? What specific resources should the company have that would make it attractive to

Analyze Coca Cola Blak failure: Promotion strategy faulty?

See attached files. Coca-Cola Blak was introduced to various international markets including the USA and discontinued in the US market in 2007. In this case you are to analyze a famous firm's product failure and in doing so demonstrate your understanding of a promotion strategy, what elements in the overall marketing strateg

Conceptualizing a Business: English School

Conceptualizing a Business Colegio Americano de Inglés opened their doors five years ago in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The business is a private English school. There is currently just one location for the school. The Colegia Americano de Inglés is already one of the best schools to learn English and one of the most affordab

Identify and formulate an investment strategy for Charles

See the attached file. I am just specifically looking for help with the objective function and constraints for the questions. I use Management Science program to help solve the problem. I could use help in trying to set up the problems. Using Management Science software I am able to input the necessary information to find

Herbalife Structural Strategy to Realize Growth

Evaluate alternatives your organization must consider to realize growth. Recommend a single strategy that the organization might implement. Explain key success factors for monitoring strategy implementation. Structural Consideration Strategy to Realize Growth For Herbalife International of America, Incorporate one strate

A real stake in your customers

Http:// Based on the article above please assist me in developing a Case Study Instructions of approximately 1000 words." While answering the specific questions below, please develop a case analysis. 1. What role does the concept of "line of sight" play in this case?

Supply and Demand

I need help with the following below: Using the link provided on the rEsource page, complete the Supply and Demand simulation. Based on your learning, reading, and on the simulation, prepare a 700-1,050 word paper using APA formatting and including at least 2 peer-reviewed references, summarizing the content. In the paper, be

Transaction analysis, quantitative; analyze results

Kenisha Morgan owns and operates Morgan's Furniture Emporium, Inc. The balance sheet totals for assets, liabilities, and owners' equity at August 1, 2009, are as indicated. Described here are several transactions entered into by the company throughout the month of August. Required: a. Indicate the amount and effect (+ or -) of

Paraphrasing an article on Sprint and IBM...

Sprint and IBM have formed a five-year customer service contract, built on their existing relationship, and their new business initiatives could mean major revenue opportunities for both of them. The contract with IBM Business Consulting Services is intended to improve Sprint's customer service through customer segmentation, cal

Push or Pull strategy for labeled curling brush at Wal-Mart

Scenario: *Several months ago, I purchased a curling brush at Wal-Mart. When I got it home, I found that the labeling had a statement to the effect that the product was specially made for Wal-Mart, and that if I had bought it anywhere else, I should report it to Wal-Mart (or something along those lines). If Wal-Mart is li

Markets for monopolistic competition; market for oligopoly.

This week, we discussed the structure of markets and their two extremes: monopoly and perfect competition. The following questions ask you to describe markets that are between these two extremes. Describe a market for a good or service that exhibits monopolistic competition. Are firms in a monopolistically competitive marke

Title VII: analyze article 'Preventing Workplace Discrimination'. Polkadotfarm

Interactive Simulation Questions Paper a. What are some measures a company can take to reasonably accommodate people with disabilities, or those with a known drug abuse problem, and how does the simulation demonstrate these? b. Should factors like personality, attitude toward work, and future upward mobility be cons

Operation Management

Identify constraints present when measuring the productivity in the attached example. Describe what project management application you might use to measure and improve the performance. Determine how you would use these figures to monitor productivity over time. Please be detailed when answering these questions.

Mental Process

In 1,050 words compare and contrast the four styles of creative intelligence and their influence on organizational decision- making. Be sure to discuss how the five forces (from reading) influence mental models/mind sets. Include examples of how mental models/mind sets might limit the decision making process. Finally, a

Mental model/mindset.

In 200 words and an original response and critical thinking. What is a mental model/mindset? What is an example of a mental model/mindset of yours that you would like to change?

When is it appropriate to decentralize manufacturing?

I'm looking for an orginal thought on the following ? at least 250 word response to each question. When is it appropriate to decentralize manufacturing? What is a country risk analysis? Is country risk analysis an effective tool for determining the desirability of establishing a manufacturing site or other modes of entry

Analyze the case of IBM's new strategy as discussed in October 2002

Need help to develop a case analysis on the issues affecting this organization. It was at a client meeting in San Francisco in October 2002 that Sam Palmisano, IBM's new CEO, first unveiled the initiative he hoped would transform his company. His idea: The Internet really did change everything (the crash of the New Economy no


Think about what your values are in your personal life. Write an APA formatted paper, in no more than 1,050 words, in which you identify your values. Then, consider Kudler Fine Foods and what it values as an organization. Your paper should include a reflection on how your values align with the values of Kudler Fine Foods and how