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Analyze an investor earnings call: Anthony's Orchards

Earnings calls are designed to provide disclosure and financial results for a certain reporting period. In addition, earnings calls provide transparency and can help with forecasting and planning.

Listen to the investor call on the Anthony's Orchards website. Write a 1- to 2-page paper analyzing the investor call. State how the business plans to adjust and indicate whether you agree with the business decision. If not, how would you adjust the forecast in the next quarter based on the earnings call (i.e., second quarter numbers would go up instead of third; costs will go up in December, etc.)? Based upon the information, is it important to forecast? How is a forecast different than a budget?

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Analyzing Investor Call for Anthony's Orchard

Investor conference calls allow companies to communicate important economic, financial and operational data about current and short term operations which may or may not impact investors' valuation of the companies' stocks. For the investor's call of Anthony's Orchard it was moderated by Bill Owens, Director of Communication, and held by Mary Scott, Chief Financial Officer for the 4th quarter September 30, 2011.

First, Mary stated that the company had a strong quarter on safety ...

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