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Plaintiff: Product Recall

Find the recent Product Recall at the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC).

Plaintiff: Product Recall: Assume that you are suing the manufacturer. Discuss for which tort you would sue: negligence, strict liability, etc. If you state the law in your answer, be sure to cite your source of information.

Discuss whether you would sue the manufacturer based on negligence or strict liability. Identify potential manufacturer defenses. Explain.

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Product Recall: Plaintiff

If I were to sue the manufacturer at Plaintiff, I would sue him or her under the tort of negligence since the manufacturer violated his statutory duty which resulted to the cause of injury to another party. Negligence arises during instances such as when plaintiff failed to carefully assemble its products, showed negligence when it came to its product's design, plaintiff was negligent when it can to inspecting and testing the product and when plaintiff failed to warn the consumers on the dangerous propensities associated with the product.

In the case Cothren v. Baxter Healthcare ...

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Plaintiff product recalls are examined for the United States consumer product safety commissions.