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Product Strategy for Potential Product for PepsiCo

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Product strategy development for PepsiCo - Blackberry Twist.

5. Product Strategy

a. Positioning
b. Product strategy
c. Pricing strategy

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Product Positioning-

New product that has 80% less sugar than leading brands, low in calories, and reduced caffeine. Sample testing on targeted consumer adults between the ages of 18-45. This product was designed with the average "on-the-go" consumer in mind, whose professional lifestyle requires energy without the undesirable side effects. PepsiCo has several competitors that entered the energy sports drink industry, and have failed to reduce or alleviate harmful ingredients that cause jitters, nervousness, and mid-day crashes. What differentiates "Blackberry Twist" from other competitors is that it will be the first soft drink that actually contains vitamins, minerals, and natural ingredients that increases energy and boosts metabolism. "Blackberry Twist" is a product that is versatile and designed to meet various needs of the consumer. Most soft drink beverages contain no nutritional value, "Blackberry Twist" will contain natural elements to enhance energy, reduce lethargy, and increase mental alertness. Studies show that carbonated beverages from competitors contribute to America's obesity crisis, "Blackberry Twist" is a product that will be sold in two-forms carbonated and non-carbonated.

This beverage will offer consumers an option between a smooth fruity taste without ...

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3. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threat Analysis

1. Strengths
2. Weaknesses
3. Opportunities
4. Threats

4. Objectives and Issues

1. First-year objective
2. Second-year objectives
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