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Discussion - Nightmares as a Customer

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Please discuss the following: As a customer, what is your biggest internet security nightmare and how to you expect the site to protect you?

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The solution provides a detailed 400 word outline of internet security nightmares that a customer might experience when using online services. Additionally, this solution includes three formatted reference sources for further research of the subject.

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My biggest threat as a customer is the theft of personal information/identity theft (Anderson, K, Durbin, E, & Salinger, M 2008) such as personal number/ social security number, credit card info or bank details and contact information i.e. phone, address and email. There are many fake sites that replicate the famous domains with the intention of acquiring personal information. The obtained information can then be used for personal benefits, illegal use or for malicious activity. The information can be obtained using illegal means or by fraud such as directing the users to some survey asking them to fill up the form with their personal details or by using smart software such as Trojans, viruses, malware codes etc. One has to be careful visiting unknown sites and giving personal information without authentication.

The first and the foremost thing for any site is to safeguard its customer's credentials and personal details. Therefore, the site acquiring personal ...

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