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Framing in negotiations

Discuss the role of framing when negotiating. Think of an argument you have framed for negotiating in the past. What steps or tactics did you employ? Were they successful? Why or why not?

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In order to answer the questions above, you must understand what framing is. According to Fairhurst and Sarr (1996) framing is the ability to share our own meanings with others. In other words, we use our interpretation of events, circumstances, and organizational goals to influence how others view, react, and respond. Framing is about managing meaning for ourselves and others. This is a critical skill for effective leaders (Fairhurst & Sarr, 1996). In negotiating, we attempt to influence the outcome of the negotiating process through framing. We may provide favorable interpretations of how things can be when we are negotiating.

How have you used framing in the past to influence the ...

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This solution offers a brief discussion of framing in regards to negotiation. The discussion includes an example of framing in a business environment.