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Draft a questionnaire on the US Recession of 2007-2010

Prepare an initial draft of the questionnaire 10-20 questions.

Be sure to include a brief overview of the major areas/dimensions on US Recession of 2007-2010 addressing; that is, the focus or foci of the survey, e.g., intentions, attitudes toward, etc.

You must include a brief discussion of the import of each focus with a reference to at least one research article or book that justifies each focus or dimension.

Use the following guidelines/checklist while preparing your questionnaire:

Identify the specific purpose of your questionnaire.
Determine whether you will use open-ended or closed questions.
Phrase questions so the respondents can understand.
Develop concrete questions.
Identify the use of time periods that are related to the importance of a question.
Make sure you use conventional language, unbiased words. Avoid negative phrasing.

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I have attached a copy of an example questionnaire as well as a description of the article and focus of the questionnaire.
I have also copied and pasted it below.

Recession Questionnaire

The focus of our research is to determine the impact that the US Recession of 2007-2010 has had on individuals. Please answer this from your personal experience and opinion. Be truthful and answer all questions to the best of your ability. All questionnaires are confidential.

1. Did your income decrease during the time period of 2007 to 2010?
□ Yes □ No
2. If Yes, please choose one of the following options:
□ Decreased $10,000 or more per annual income
□ Decreased $5001 to $9999 per annual income
□ Decreased $1000 to $5000 per annual income
□ Decreased $1 to $999 per annual income
3. Do you think that the recession from 2007 to 2010 ...

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