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Management Accounting

Managerial Accounting Standard Costs

I really need help solving these problems. 1.) Poorly trained workers could have an unfavorable effect on which of the following variances? Labor Rate Variance Materials Quantity Variance a.) Yes

Managerial Economics for Remox Corporation

4. Remox Corporation is a British firm that sells high-fashion sportswear in the United States. Congress is currently considering the imposition of a protective tariff on imported textiles. Remox is considering the possibility of moving 50 percent of its production to the United States to avoid the tariff. This would be accom

Balance Sheet Information for Lextra Office Supplies

The questions are requires that all supporting figures are prepared using a spreadsheet and the Formula spreadsheet in all instances where you have used the spreadsheet package. Part A - Lextra Office Supplies The following information is provided for Lextra Office Supplies: a. Balance sheet information as of 30 June, 2008:

Woods and Waters Financial and Managerial Analysis

Please see attached spreadsheet for data. The Woods and Waters Company has two operating divisions, the Service Division and the Irrigation Division. The company evaluates the performance of its divisions using the Return on Investment (RoI) measure. The following information pertains to the two divisions as of the end of t

Managerial Accounting

1. The type of costing that provides the best information for breakeven analysis is: 2. Gyro Gear Company produces a single product, a special gear used in automatic transmissions. Each gear sells for $28, and the company sells 500,000 gears each year. Unit cost data are presented below: Variable Fixed Direct mate

Comprehensive Standard Cost Variances

"It certainly is nice to see small variance on the income statement after all the trouble we've had lately in controlling manufacturing costs," said Sarah Jones, VP Shore INC." The $12,250 overall manufacturing variance reported last period is well below the 3% limit we have set for variances. We need to congratulate everybody o

Activity Based Cost Drivers: EyeGuard Equipment Inc

Resource and Activity-Based Cost Drivers EyeGuard Equipment Inc (EEI) manufactures protective eyewear for use in commercial and home applications. The product is also used by hunters, home woodworking hobbyists, and in other applications. The firms has two main product lines?the highest-quality product is called Safe-T, and a

Fixed Cost Examined

1)If fixed costs suddenly increase, how will that change the graph of fixed costs if activity, units or volume is on the x-axis and dollars are on the y-axis? 2)Indicate whether the following statement is true or false, then support your view. If we graphed fixed costs per unit, it would appear as a straight, horizontal li

Transfer pricing (Muilple choice Question)

James Co. has two divisions,A and B,each operate as a profit center.A charges B $35 per unit for each unit transferred to B. Other data for A are below: Variable cost per unit $30 Fixed costs $10,000 Annual sales to B 5,000 units Annual sales to outsiders

Discussion questions Management

1. The divisional structure enables firms to pursue complex corporate diversification strategies by delegating different management responsibilities to different individuals and groups within a firm. Will there come a time when a firm becomes too large and too complex to be managed even through a divisional structure? In other w

Quantitative Reasoning for Business

a. Manchester Foundry produced 45,000 tons of steel in March at a cost of £1,150,000. In April, the foundry produced 35,000 tons at a cost of £950,000. Using only these two data points, determine the cost function for Manchester following the instruction in my post in Materials. b. Use Excel's "scatter plot" graphing func

With the information given, compute the cost of direct materials

1. A company's overhead rate is 60% of direct labor cost. Using the following incomplete accounts, determine the cost of direct materials used Goods in Process Inventory Beginning Balance. 100,800 D.M. ? D.L. ? O.H. ? F.G. ? End Balance 131,040 Factory Overhead 93,24

How to calcuate the selling cost is shown.

Lim Clothing Company manufactures its own designed and labeled sports attire and sells its products through catalog sales and retail outlets. While Lim has for years used activity-based costing in its manufacturing activities, it has always used traditional costing in assigning its selling costs to its product lines. Selling cos

Managerial accounting: 25 MCQ

1. The Euro Company sells two kinds of luggage. The company projected the following cost information for the two products: The company's total fixed costs are expected to be $280,000. Based this information, what is the combined number of units of the two products that would be required to breakeven (round your answer to th

Capacity Costs: K's Cornerspot. Recompute costs and choose a cost driver

Capacity costs K's Cornerspot, a popular university eatery in a competitive market, has seating & staff capacity to serve about 600 lunch customers every day. For the past 2 months, demand has fallen from its previous near-capacity level. Concerned about his declining profit, K decided to take a closer look at its costs. He c

Managerial Accounting E10-1: preparing a standard cost card for Alpha SR40

Exercise 10-1 Setting Standards; Preparing a Standard Cost Card [LO1] Svenska Pharmicia, a Swedish pharmaceutical company, makes an anticoagulant drug. The main ingredient in the drug is a raw material called Alpha SR40. Information concerning the purchase and use of Alpha SR40 follows: Purchase of Alpha SR40: The raw

Managerial accounting

A company currently operates two stores, Uptown and Midtown: Last year's results Uptown Midtown Sales revenues $300,000 $400,000 Variable costs (120,000) (140,000) Contribution margin $180,000 $260,000 Store related fixed costs (100,000) (100,000) Allocated common fixed costs (90,0

Managerial Accounting - Part Six

1. The management of Giammarino Corporation is considering introducing a new product--a compact barbecue. At a selling price of $78 per unit, management projects sales of 10,000 units. Launching the barbecue as a new product would require an investment of $100,000. The desired return on investment is 11%. The target cost per bar