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Management Accounting

Pros and cons of awarding managerial bonuses

Discuss the pros and cons of awarding managerial bonuses based on budgeted cost targets. Specifically, what are some ways that the manager could ensure him or herself a bonus but skew your financial data?

Determining Setup Cost to be Allocated: Power Electronics

Relating Cost Pools to Products Using Cost Drivers Power Electronics manufactures portable power supply units. Power has recently decided to use an activity-based approach to cost its products. Production line setups is a major activity at Power. Next year Power expects to perform 1,000 setups at a total cost of $1,510,000.

Allocation of Setup Cost

Relating Cost Pools to Products Using Cost Drivers Classy Attire is the designer and maker of elaborate prom dresses. The president of Classy wants to switch to an activity-based approach in the upcoming year to assign prices to the gowns. Production line setups are a major activity at Classy. Next year Classy expects to perfo

Kristen Lu purchased a used automobile... compute average cost per mile and more

Kristen Lu purchased a used automobile for $8,000 at the beginning of last year and incurred the following operating costs: Depreciation ($8,000 5 years) . . . . . . . . . $1,600 Insurance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,200 Garage rent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $360 Autom

Curtis Corporation: make or buy the containers, incremental cost (benefit)

Make-or-Buy Decision Curtis Corporation is beginning to manufacture Mighty Mint, a new mouthwash in a small spray container. The product will be sold to wholesalers and large drugstore chains in packages of 30 containers for $19 per package. Management allocates $260,000 of fixed manufacturing overhead costs to Mighty Mint. T

The American Produce Company: Allocating Joint Costs

Allocating Joint Costs The American Produce Company purchased a truckload of cantaloupes (weighing 5,900 pounds) for $980. American Produce separated the cantaloupes into two grades: superior and economy. The superior grade cantaloupes had a total weight of 3,400 pounds and the economy grade cantaloupes totaled 2,500 pounds.

Managerial Accounting

Please see the attachment. Question #1?Multiple Choice Topics 1. Circle the impact of the following situations on the applicable variances (NA=no affect) A. Laborers worked overtime. Labor Rate Variance: Fav Unfav NE Labor Efficiency Variance: Fav. Unfav. NE B. Inferior Materials we

Cost Variances

1) Consider the following data for Said's Toothbrush Company: Factory Overhead Fixed Variable Actual Costs Incurred $28,000 $26,500 Flex Budget for Standard Inputs And Actual Outputs $25,000 $22,500

Cost allocations: Jane's Peanut Brittle; Jerry's Furniture

Week Five Problems 1) The CEO of Jane's Peanut Brittle has decided that she wants to see the financial statements of her two product divisions presented in a way that allows her to add them up to the total financial statement of the company. In order to accomplish that, the CFO must allocate the expenses of the company's tw

Cost recovery - Blue Company

On November 4, 2006, Blue Company acquired an asset (27.5-year residential real property) for $100,000 for use in its business. In 2006 and 2007 respectively, Blue took $321 and $2,564 of cost recovery. These amounts were incorrect because Blue applied the wrong percentages (i.e., those for 39-year rather that 27.5 year). Cal

Grant Industries Inc for Construction of Manufacturing Facility

40. During 2011, Grant Industries, Inc. constructed a new manufacturing facility at a cost of $12,000,000. The weighted average accumulated expenditures for 2011 were calculated to be $5,400,000. The company had the following debt outstanding at December 31, 2011: (a) 10 percent, five-year note to finance construction of th

Types of Analysis

Which of the following types of analysis would reveal that sales increased by $20,000 from 2005 to 2006? A) Capital analysis B) Vertical analysis C) Profitability analysis D) Horizontal analysis E) None of the above.

Managerial Accounting - uncollectible accounts

The allowance for uncollectible accounts currently has a debit balance of $200. The company's management estimates that 2.5% of net credit sales will be uncollectible. Net credit sales are $115,000. What will be the amount of allowance for uncollectible accounts reported on the balance sheet? A) $2,675 B) $3,075 C) $3,275

Managerial Accounting - direct write-off method

A company has significant uncollectible receivables. Why is the direct write-off method acceptable? A) Assets are overstated on the balance sheet B) It violates the matching principle C) Both A & B are true D) Neither A nor B are true E) None of the above

Managerial Accounting - Uncollectible-Account Expense

The allowance for uncollectible accounts currently has a credit balance of $200. The company's management estimates that 2.5% of net credit sales will be uncollectible. Net credit sales are $115,000. What will be the amount of uncollectible-account expense reported on the income statement? A) $3,275 B) $3,075 C) $2,875 D)

Cost Allocation & Activity-Based Costing

Hello, Please help with the attached problems. Thank you. PROBLEM 6-5. Cost-Plus Contracts, Allocations and Ethics Pelton Instrumentation manufactures a variety of electronic instmments that are used in military and civilian applications. Sales to the military are generally on a cost-plus


For selected financial statements for Micro Chip Computer Corporation click here . Answer questions 1 and 2 below based on the financial data. Determine the year-to-year percentage annual growth in total net sales. Based only on your answers to question #1, do you think the company will hit its sales goal of +10% annual re

Short term financing, short term loans: Morin Const, SW Forging, Johnson, MDM

The R. Morin Construction Company needs to borrow $100,000 to help finance the cost of a new $150,000 hydraulic crane used in the firm's commercial construction business. The crane will pay for itself in one year, and the firm is considering the following alternatives for financing its purchase: Alternative A-The firm's bank

Relevant cost of material

A company is preparing a bid that requires 757 lbs of material. They have 602 lbs in stock that originally cost 8.03/lb. Resale value of existing stock is 7.41/lb, New stock can be purchased at 8.17/lb. What is relevant cost of material in deciding how much to bid on special order?

Budgets in Managerial Accounting: Matthew Gabon

Budgets in Managerial Accounting: Matthew Gabon, the sales manager of Office Furniture Solutions, prepared the following budget for 2008: Salaries (fixed) $500,000 Commissions (variable) 180,000 Advertising (fixed) 100,000 Charge for office space

Estimate of the Variable and Fixed Cost

--Attached Big Ed Corporation produces and sells a single product. Data regarding that product are as follows: Per Unit Percent of Sales Selling price...........................$200 100% Variable expenses..................$40 25% Contribution Margin.............$160 75% 1. Big Ed is currently selling 8,000 uni

A company's operating process

Copia Electronics makes speaker systems. Its customers range from new hotels and restaurants that need specifically designed sound systems to nationwide retail outlets that order large quantities of similar products. The following activities are part of the company's operating process: New retail product design Purchasin

Computation of Product Unit Cost

Style Corporation manufactures specialty lines of women's apparel. During February, the company worked on three special orders: A-25, A-27, and B-14. Cost and production data for each order are as follows: A-25 A-27 B-14 Direct Materials Fabric Q $10,800 $12,980 $17,660 Fabric Z $11,400 $

Product cost system

Assuming I own a wedding invitation printing company. I would need information to budget next years activities. Which costs are likely to be available in the company's product costing system? 1. Cost of paper and envelopes 2. Printing machine setup costs 3. Depreciation of printing machinery 4. Advertising costs 5. Repair

Product Unit Cost

Customer: Brian Patcher Batch _____ Custom: X Specifications: 6 Custom computer systems Date of Order: 4/4/xx Date of completion: 6/8/xx Costs Charged to Job Previous Months Current Month Cost Summary Direct materials $3,540 $2,820 $______ Direct Labor $2,340 $1,620 _______ Ov