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Management Accounting

Managerial Accounting

07. Coolidge Company estimates that its production workers will work 125,000 direct labor hours during the upcoming period and that overhead costs will amount to $500,000. What predetermined overhead rate would be used to apply overhead to production during the period? A) $0.25 per direct labor hour B) $4.00 per direct la

Managerial accounting

Accounting 560/561 MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING I will need help for EXERCICE 5-1; 5-2; 5-3; 5-4; 5-7; AND 5-9 (see attached)

Bauman Company and Annual Variable Operating Costs

See attachment for proper table format. 11-64 Bauman Company, which has a cost of capital of 15%, is thinking of replacing an existing piece of production equipment with new equipment. The following data relate to the analysis: Old Machine New Machine Future Life Exp

Management Accounting for the Far Corporation, TMS Volvo, Metro Steel SA

Question 1 The management of The Far Corporation wishes to set the selling price on a new product using the absorption costing approach to cost-plus pricing. You are provided with the following estimates for the new product: Per Unit Total Direct materials R31 Direct labor R11 Variable manufacturing overhead

SJU Hawk Company:Compute the amount of variable cost per unit

SJU Hawk Company has fixed costs of $40,000. Its product sells for $100. The company desires to make a profit of 20,000. The company accountant has determined that 2400 units is the sales volume needed to achieve its target. What is the company's variable cost per unit?

Managerial accounting

Please see the attached file. 1)Which cost driver for support overhead costs would you choose? Explain. 2) Chu anticipates 2,600 machines-hours and 300 batches for next month. Using the cost driver you chose in requirement 1, what amount of support overhead cost should Chu budget? 3) Chu adds 20% to costs to determi

Regression analysis, activity-based costing, choosing cost drivers

Where Y is the monthly support overhead (Please see the attached files). 1) Plot the monthly data and the regression lines for each of the following cost function: a. Support overhead costs = a+(b*Machine-hours) b. Support overhead costs = a+(b*Number of batches) Which cost driver for support overhead costs would you cho

Activity based costing; cost analysis for Ontario, Inc.

Ontario, Inc. Manufactures two products, Standard and Enhanced, and applies overhead on the basis of direct-labor hours. Anticipated overhead and direct-labor time for the upcoming accounting period are $800,000 and 25,000 hours, respectively. Information about the company's products follows. Standard: Estimated pro

Managerial Economics: What are at least four characteristics of a good business

1. One of the most important skills to learn in managerial economics is the ability to identify a good business. Discuss at least four characteristics of a good business. 2. Identify and talk about at least four companies that you regard as having the characteristics listed here. 3. Suppose you bought common stock in each

Calculations for Management Accounting

Please see the attached file. A. Determine the length of the inventory conversion period. B. Determine the length of the receivables conversion period. C. Determine the length of the operating cycle. D. Determine the length of the payables deferral period. E. Determine the length of th


Huge Company's tooling business unit (TBU) manufactures metal and carbon-fiber parts for the company's major products. TBU's principal focus in recent years has been to schedule its resources properly, but its manager is concerned that the current method of costing the unit's work is causing other business units to send it work

Wal-Mart: Relevant Cost Drivers and Indirect Costs

Please complete the following: I. Introduction and Overview: a. Provide a brief description of Wal-Mart Stores Inc and its history. b. An overview of the industry and where does Wal-Mart Stores Inc fit within the industry (above or below the industry average, within the industry norm, etc.). Does the Wal-Mart Stores Inc

Variable Cost, how to calculate break even sales?

3) xyc Manufactures biotech sunglasses. The variable material cost is $4.68 Per unit and variable cost is $2.27 per unit. a. What is the variable cost per unit? b. If fixed cost are $650,000during a year in which total production is $320,000 units, what are the total costs for the year? c. If the selling price is $11.99 p

Managerial accounting

Trying to do the following: a. Calculate the cost per equivalent unit for each of the 3 cost items and in total. b. Calculate the cost of items completed in Aug and the cost of ending work in process inventory. c. Reconcile the sum of the 2 costs in part b to the sum of beginning WIP and costs added in Aug Cost info

Calculating the value of a building acquired by Janel Co

Janel Co acquired a building valued at $120,000 for property tax purpose in exchange for$8,000 shares of its 5 par common stock. The stock is selling for $15 per share. At what amount should the building be recorded by Janel Co.?

Cash discount, cash conversion cycle

1) Gouge-M is considering adding a cash discount to its credit terms. If Gouge-M offers 3 / 15 net 30 rather than its current net 30 policy, what annualized rate is the company charging customers who do not take the discount? Assume a 365-day year. a. 7.526 percent b. 37.629 percent c. 70.874 percent d. 75.258

Cost Analysis - Harleq

"That old equipment for producing subassemblies is worn out," said Kari Warner, president of Harleq Corporation. "We need to make a decision quickly." The company is trying to decide whether it should rent new equipment and continue to make its subassemblies internally or whether it should discontinue production of its subassemb

Traditional and Activity Based Costing Methods

Electronic World Co. manufactures two types of radios, Model1 which is their high feature radio and Model2 their standard radio type. Below is the detailed production requirements for both types of radios. Model 1 Model 2 Number of radios 1000 2000 Direct materials $20/unit

Prepare cost reconciliation schedule.

Production costs chargeable to the Finishing Department in July in Murdock Company are materials $9,000, labor $23,800, overhead $18,000. Equivalent units of production are materials 20,000 and conversion costs 19,000. Compute the unit costs for materials and conversion costs. Problem Data for Murdock Company are given i

Managerial Accounting

Q1. The table contains information provided by a business. actual direct labour hours worked 18 000 actual overhead expenditure $504 000 budgeted direct labour hours 17 000 budgeted overhead expenditure $510 000 What is the amount of the overhead over / under recovery? A $6000 over-recovered B $6000 under-recovered C $30

Barone Supply bought equipment at a cost of $48,000 on January 2, 1997.

____ 1. Barone Supply bought equipment at a cost of $48,000 on January 2, 1997. It originally had an estimated life of ten years and a salvage value of $8,000. Barone uses the straight-line depreciation method. On December 31, 2000, Barone decided the useful life likely would end on December 31, 2004, with a salvage value of $4,

Cash Conversion Cycle - Parlow Packing

Please see the attachment. Parlow Packing currently has on its balance sheet: $35,750 in cash $47,000 in accounts receivable $66,000 in inventories $13,000 in accrued liabilities $72,000 in accounts payable The firm's production manager has determined that the cost of goods sold accounts for 80% of the sales revenu

Cost-benefit consideratins in developing cost information

I need help in figuring this problem out: JF Company is considering whether to undertake a new project but is unsure of the ultimate cost of the new project. The company estimates that the cost will be $150,000 with probability 0.4 and will be $200,000 with proability 0.6. The estimated revenues from the project are $170,000.

XXXX Company manufactures a variety of glass windows in its xx plant.

PROBLEM 2 XXXX Company manufactures a variety of glass windows in its xx plant. In department 1, clear glass sheets are produced, and some of these sheets are sold as finished goods. Other sheets made in department 1 have metallic oxides added in department 2 to form colored glass sheet. Some of these colored sheets are sold; o

Cost of Good Manufactured - Fashions' Manufactured Company

At the beginning of January, Fashions' Manufactured Company had a $320 balance in its Work in Process inventory Account. At the end of January, Fashions' Work in Process Inventory account had a balance of $970. During January, Fashions' made the following journal entries. Finished Goods......... $6,160 Work in Process.......

Monthly cost analysis - Brown Company

The following activity took place in Brown Company during May: Number of units produced.... 450 units Material purchased.... 1,500 feet Material used in production... 720 feet Cost per foot of material purchased... $3 The standard cost card indicates that 1.5 feet of materials are allowed for each unit of product.